Who Are YOU? Discover your Soul’s Imprint
Astrology, Human Design & the Cards of Destiny…
Gain a comprehensive view of optimal timing for manifesting your talents & inner passions. These tools help you to create your best future through Self Awareness & Magnetic Resonance.

2023 offers an opportunity to regroup & coalesce following the rare & intense planetary transits of the last 3 years. New planetary energies make an entrance in March when slow moving Saturn & Pluto change signs, giving us a glimpse of some of the changes we will experience as a society in 2024, 2025 & beyond.

This gradual shifting in the collective atmosphere is likely to bring an increase in clarity with new
revelations that lean toward a greater focus on integrity &  humanitarian objectives, as well as a wide range of technological advances

2023 is a highly creative year and although the significant planetary shifting can result in chaos, we will continue to be challenged to find our anchor in ourselves.

Be part of this change so you can dream your visions into a fulfilling reality…

We either enjoy or we don’t mind” Patanjali

“I am inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Isis,

When counseling clients, I draw from studies in the following disciplines to provide a comprehensive imprint of your soul’s journey:


Western Astrology Astrology has been a lifelong study. I have had the honor of studying with several astrology masters including a forerunner of modern astrology, Isabel Hickey, in Boston, MA and reknowned Uranian Astrology, Charles Emerson in NYC.

Vedic Astrology, Jyotish The practice of Jyotish relies on the sidereal zodiac, which is different from the tropical zodiac used in Western astrology in that an adjustment is made for the gradual precession of the vernal equinox. Jyotish includes several nuanced sub-systems of interpretation and prediction with elements not found in Western Astrology, such as its system of lunar mansions (nakshatras), and the use of Dashas and Bhuktis which indicate major and minor planetary influences highlighted in the chart during a specific period of time.
Destiny Cards (Sacred Symbols of the Ancients) This ancient system originated prior to Ancient Egypt and combines numerology and astrology by assigning specific cards to each day of the year. The “Destiny Cards” add another dimension to the consultation and offer additional tools for yearly forecasting and compatibility insights.
Human Design Human Design uses a chart also based on birth information to calculate a Bodygraph which is based upon ancient and modern systems including Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and the I Ching, the Book of Changes. From a modern perspective, Human Design is based upon tiny particles called Neutrinos that carry mass and information originating from the stars in our solar system. Neutrinos leave an imprint of information wherever they travel and based upon your birth date, add to your personal blueprint as an individual on this planet.

Gene Keys  The Gene Keys elevate Human Design to the level of the heart as described by Richard Rudd. Through an inner journey of self-discovery, the Gene Key Profile helps one find their higher purpose in life. The process of Contemplation is a key part of this self discovery journey.

How can you get back to your true self?
Your life may have been influenced by others. You may have become lost in the sea of conditioning from family, friends, partners and the general public.

When you can peel back the layers of outer conditioning & Discover Your Imprint, your true authentic self, then you have the resilience & strength to face the stresses of modern life.

Gain insight to problems & challenges 

Your challenges do not have to be your defeats… 

The planetary imprint at your time of birth makes you unique.  There is no one exactly like YOU.  I can help you gain insight into your challenges and provide a clear persepective and a path for self empowerment.  Determining ideal timing for problem resolution is what I call “Astrological ReBalancing”.

Astrological ReBalancing gives you the necessary edge to ride the waves of change…

Astro ReBalancing uniquely combines several ancient and modern techniques to identify and transform simple and complex  patterns.  This holistic approach to astrology enhances self-awareness and empowers you to mitigate stressful planetary periods.


An Astrological ReBalancing consultation provides you with:

  • Clarity in matters of Love, Health, Finances, Career. 
  • Increased self awareness and insight into problems & recurring issues.
  • A time table for skillful and timely actions.
  • Tools that assist you in navigating difficult times.

Consciousness based Astrological re-Balancing aligns you and your destiny.

In these changing times, Astrological re-balancing can help you navigate through the “eye of the needle” to the fulfilling life that you deserve to have now.

Astro Re-Balancing brings healing to the core of your being.

 Examine what you really want to create in your life and acquire the tools to create the reality you want.

I am inspired by the Egyptian Goddess ISIS.

Among the stars named after ISIS is Antares, also known as a Heart Star & the key to the Golden Gate. Antares is associated with Selkit, the scorpion goddess who was sometimes depicted in the Isian headdress. Antares was associated with Isis in ceremonies conducted in conjunction with the great pyramid complex at Giza, where she bore the special title ‘Lady of the Pyramids’… according to  The Mysteries of Isis, author De Traci Regula. Antares is one of the 4 Royal Stars which include Regulus, Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut. These Royal Stars are each linked with particular teachings, special powers and successes. 

Whenever a planet or the Moon passes Antares, the light codes coming from this area of the sky are amplified helping to accelerate the changes already taking place within our personal and collective DNA. The Moon passes Antares each Month when the Moon passes through Sagittarius at ~ 10 degrees. Venus will next conjunct Antares on 11/9/2019. Jupiter conjoined with Antares near the December 2018 Winter Solstice.

To Schedule a Consultation, call or text 917-548-9911, or, email Claudia Trivelas, at ctrivelas@yahoo.com

 With more than 40 years of experience counseling clients in the US and abroad, an Astrological ReBalancing consultation offers an alternative approach for handling obstacles while providing perspective and ideal timing for resolving issues.  Her varied and in depth background in metaphysical studies adds a unique perspective to everyday problems and lifetime objectives. 

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