Human Design Transits

A look at the slow moving planets that profoundly affect us & trigger major shifts in consciousness.
  • Saturn – Between March 2023 and February 2026 Saturn will be moving through the Piscean Human Design gates. Saturn will shift into the Gate of Abundance (55) on March 9.
According to Kim Gould,“The imagery for the Gate of Abundance (55) is of the sun at noon. We can bask in the warmth and light for a short while, but the sun will descend. Rather than focusing on and mourning the sun’s descent, we need to take advantage of its zenith.  
We should act within this solar pinnacle: give freely and be open, receptive, generous, cooperative. This is a time for us to realise that true abundance only ever comes from positive creative relationships with others.”
  • Uranus in Gate 2 – The Receptive nothing is permanent. Life is change, a dynamical system, it is process rather than object.
  • Neptune in the Gate of Crisis: This energy is uprooting deep and hidden collective emotions  Gift – Emotional strength and compassion, standing steady in the storm. Shadow – Lashing out and overwhelm, collapsing in an emotional storm
  • Pluto in Gate 60 – The Gate of Limitation – 16 March 2021 until 5 December 2025.

Human Design is based on 4 ancient and esoteric systems and 2 scientific systems: AstrologyI-ChingKabbalah, ChakrasNeutrinos (invisible particles that make up the mass of the universe these neutrinos imprinted your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic body and created the energetic blueprint for your soul’s journey in this lifetime in a physical body), Genetics. In Human Design, through examining gates and centers, natural gifts, potential genius as well as the inherent challenges built into one’s design are identified.

Slow moving transits in the Human Design system can add to innate potentials. It does this by adding a missing gate to a potential channel of expression which can create a new circuit and thereby allow the original gate an opportunity to fully express itself.

In May 2020, Uranus will shift into the Channel of Awareness, Gate 24, and meet up with Pluto, Jupiter and then later in the year, Saturn as he/she retrogrades back into Gate 61. This is a complete reset of human culture. This shift Human Design in the Human Design chart supports the major transformation that were triggered by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020 and further enhanced by the line up of planets in Capricorn that included Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mars and Pallas Athena.

We will have two channels that will consist of transiting planets in Gates that form a channel for everyone. When the Sun transits Gate 31 from 7/25 thru 7/31 while Mars travels through Gate 7 during the same time. Gates 7 & 31 make up the Channel of Leadership, specifically the leadership involved in attaining short term goals that are in the realm of possibility. Similarly, from mid June through early August there is an on & off channel formed while Chiron is in Gate 17 with various planets transiting including Mars, then Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mercury again in Gate 62 forming the Channel of the Organizer.  Mercury changes direction in Gate 62 further emphasizing the importance of healing old limiting & fixed beliefs.

North Node in Gate 53 – The Gate of Beginnings until 9/16

South Node in Gate 54 – The Gate of Drive & Ambition until 9/16

Jupiter in Gate 11 – The Gate of Ideas until 5/16

Saturn in Gate 54 – The Gate of Drive & Ambition until 8/9

Uranus in Gate 27 – The Gate of Nourishment & Caring until 4/26/20

Neptune in Gate 22 – The Gate of Openness until 9/21

Pluto in Gate 61 – The Gate of Inner Truth until 9/18

The Awakener Uranus in Gate 27 – The Gate of Nuturance & Self Care until April 2020. No doubt the rise of the feminine is front and center. Women’s political advocacy groups are coming out of the woodwork and there is an ever increasing rise of statistics regarding pay differention and the need for goverment funded child care to support the working mom. On the personal & collective, restrictive gender roles are shifting and we can anticipate breakthrough ideas (Jupiter in Gate of Ideas) combined with a Quantum shift (Pluto in Gate of Inner Truth) in personal lives and on many levels of society. Uranus is a Disruptor and does not lend itself to a smooth transition. There can be a breakdown prior to a breakthrough… Dominant themes include a comprehensive emphasis on self-care, including the current health care system & the quality of the food & water we consume, as well as where self sacrifice runs contradictory to Self-Care which is the basis for a successful society. On the other hand, expect attention to be focused on places where inappropriate demands are made on others to fulfill one’s needs that should be the individual’s responsibility.

Earthy & practical Saturn in Gate 54 which is ambitious and can be entrepreneurial. Saturn is retrograde until September 18 and will briefly move back to Gate 38, the Fighter, from 8/9 until 10/27. Saturn will then remain in Gate 54 until 12/25 before moving into Gate 61, The Gate of Inner Truth… reinforcing the theme currently playing out with Pluto.

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