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On Tuesday, 11/8, the early morning Full Moon Eclipse alters the magnetic pull that the Moon has upon our body and our psyche in both profound and subtle ways.
Several planets are involved in this eclipse configuration, in addition to the typical Sun opposite the Moon that we usually experience on a full moon, generating mixed mental & emotional responses. Out of this somewhat uncomfortable chaos can come life changing insights and revelations.
The Moon in Taurus is dancing directly with Uranus, the Great Awakener. Venus & Mercury are doing a 2 step with the Sun in Scorpio, raising the bar for authenticity in all interactions, including the stories we tell ourselves.
Saturn, known as a wise taskmaster, is pointing out the long term ramifications of actions undertaken now. Saturn in Aquarius is holding a position as a fulcrum between the Sun & Moon on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity helping to reset values and foster transformation for the betterment of all of humanity.
“It was he best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a time of wisdom, it was a time of foolishness…” aptly describes these days.
The phenomena of a Solar Eclipse is that the juxtaposition of the Sun,Moon and the Earth trigger a repositioning in our conscious awareness and we see our world with fresh eyes.
On Tuesday, October 25th, the New Moon Eclipse in laser focused Scorpio supplies the necessary oomph to peer into areas of our life that don’t live up to who we have become. As the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, unconscious motivations and impulses are reveled.
Mercury, Mars and Saturn are cooperating with one another and thereby supporting successful long term solutions. All the details may not be crystal clear, so a modicum of faith and trust is required to bring newly birthed revelations to fruition. Neptune in Pisces knows the bigger picture, but sometimes has a habit of blurring the details, especially when in the awkward position of interfering with impatient Mars in Gemini – a planetary combination we all must endure over the next 6 weeks. For certain, there will be breakthroughs and fits and starts.
The Sun, the Moon and Venus are hanging out together on this powerful Scorpio Eclipse. Relationship integrity is the hot topic. Where have you allowed yourself to be controlled and where have you, out of fear and lack of self worth, needed to control another? It is time to embrace balance, fairness, respect & harmony in our personal interactions. Old patterns aren’t cutting it and the abundance of Scorpio energy can show us what needs to change.
FULL MOON in AQUARIUS, August, 11th, 2022

August is a month of unexpected events and surprise revelations that can initiate far reaching changes.
Thursday’s Leo  Full Moon in Aquarius shines a spotlight on individual responsibility and how stepping up to the plate can profoundly influence everyone and everything. There is an uneasiness in the air as if the tectonic plates we previously depended upon have shifted. The underlying feeling is that there is more change to come. These times are not without a solid foundation. We are cultivating finding that foundation deep inside, rather than from transitory external influences. The extraneous is slipping away while our values are being honed and fashioned providing us a more meaningful experience. 

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is a quote by Charles Dickens referring to the French Revolution in 1775 in his novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Coincidentally, the transformative planet Pluto resided in the same place in Capricorn then as it is now!

This Full Moon in Aquarius is illuminating Saturn whilst forming a challenging influence with revolutionary Uranus & the destiny altering Nodes of the Moon perpetuating a rare and profound planetary influence that occurred on 8/1. There will be a Full Moon Eclipse on November 8th that will complete the cycle.

NEW MOON in LEO, July, 28th, 2022
Thursday’s New Moon in Leo begins a new cycle that highlights courage, passion and the confidence to follow your Heart ♥ & can give a nudge where mental procrastination & self-doubt have prevailed. A harmonious aspect with Jupiter reminds us to honor all that enhances your  joie de vivre… What will make you happy & what may you have to let go of that is no longer serving you in order to have it? The current planetary configurations are a reminder that the world is changing and asking how you need to change along with it. No rush, Jupiter turns retrograde until Thanksgiving time so there is sufficient time for ‘fits & starts’ to get it right.
The Leo New Moon can add a dramatic flair to the already accelerated & change oriented planetary configurations we have been experiencing. The Universe may provide valuable suggestions and insights, and possibly an unexpected surprise or two that may or may not be timely & welcome.
Mercury, the Messenger God, is spearheading a challenging planetary combination that peaks on 8/1 involving Uranus, the Great Awakener, coupled with action oriented Mars and the North Node of the Moon that nudges personal & collective evolution forward. Uranus & the North Node of the Moon have not met in the sign of earthy Taurus since 1939 indicating the beginning of a new cycle that may relate to resources, finances and other matters related to the earth. Mars will be sure to add fuel to any smoldering fire. This combination is also drawing attention to what is important to us & how well our lifestyles are aligned to our core values and to those that sustain Mother Earth. By the end of the month and at the time of the Mars, Uranus, Node conjunction, the Nodes will move into Gates 1 & 2, the Yin & the Yang, exemplifying the story of creation with attention on the balance of give & take and the balance between our deepest inner desires & the outer ways we look to achieve those desires.
The Leo energy is creative, expressive, dramatic, sunny and playful. Finding joy in life’s simple pleasures can serve you in transforming negative energy into creative endeavors.
NEW MOON in CANCER, June, 28th, 2022
The emotional & personally oriented New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday evening at 10:53 pm EDT initiates a new lunar cycle with an emphasis on security issues & what we hold near & dear.
This New Moon is alongside Black Moon Lilith and strongly influenced by Jupiter in Aries, adding a raw, instinctive and highly moral orientation to deeply held feelings & beliefs. Ideological tension, righteous anger & emotional extremes are likely,  This is a New Moon when everyone is on a crusade where they believe they are right.
Black Moon Lilith is linked to the unacknowledged feminine that has been suppressed, ignored or denied. Furthermore,  the newly discovered dwarf planet Eris, named after the Goddess that creates discord whenever she detects a lack of authenticity, is aligned with Mars in Aries and in a challenging aspect to Pluto adding to her fervor for significant change & transformation.
Although the impulse is toward action, based upon one’s deeply held beliefs, the Gene Key for the New Moon is Gene Key #52, Stillnes, reminding us to find stillness in stressful situations.
Neptune dips into its annual retrograde until December 3 launching a meditative five-month cycle. Stillness & tranquility supports successful manifestation. When we are out of touch with ourselves, we risk manifesting chaos.
NEW MOON  in PISCES ,  March 2nd, 2022
Today’s Pisces New Moon awakens hope. Compassion runs deep.
The planets are grouped together with each grouping speaking loudly, vying to be heard. Pisces’ desire for universal compassion, with the Sun, Moon & Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces, is asking to give peace a chance & bring forth the cleansing salve of the waters of life. Mars, Venus, Pluto & Vesta in Capricorn has the energy of transformation & the potential for destruction, even for that which is sacred, for the sake of power and greed. Venus is attempting to keep the lid on the annihilation an out of control Mars can wield. Make LOVE, not WAR is her plea ❤️
Mercury & Saturn in Aquarius is indicating this is dead serious & affects all of humanity.
Uranus adds to the unexpected energy shifts & highlights the theme of freedom.
We are at the brink of a new dawn where the lust for power & greed has met the brotherhood of humanity’s right to freedom, love and respect.
The Human Design Gene Key for this New Moon is 63, carrying the highest vibration of Truth.

Early Saturday, EST, the Moon will block the Sun’s rays from reaching Earth… Although brief, a mere 2 minutes when the Sun is totally blocked, a profound shift is instigated. Temperature shifts & interrupted magnetic pulls are a jolt to stasis and natural rhythms.

The Solar Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth, integrity and higher justice. Yogis retreated to caves, blocking extraneous stimulation, so they could discern their inner truth resulting in a fresh perspective.

This New Moon Eclipse offers an opportunity to time travel to a new realm with an appropriate vision aligned to the changing times.

Coincidentally, Mercury will align to the degree of The Great Attractor with its enormous gravitational pull. A glimpse of what is possible is upon us.

The Eclipse occurs at the 5th Gene Key with its Sidhi of timelessness and its shadow of impatience. Will you step outside of time and feel your soul’s calling?

NEW MOON in SCORPIO on Thursday, November 4th

The transformative New Moon in Scorpio initiates an intense cycle of getting down to the nitty gritty… Who are YOU? What can you let go of? How can you become more fulfilled? What is bogging you down?
Insights & startling revelations are possible. Grievances & discomforts that have been simmering under the surface for the past several months are stimulating a desire to reinvent yourself and the planetary energies are supporting it.
It is a potentially magical, albeit intense 3 weeks, where out of the blue, disruptions can arise along with situations that require patience to ensure a successful outcome. There is great potential for growth & self awareness with the dominant Plutonian & Uranian planetary energies that are combining with Mars, Saturn and Mercury in varying relationships all leading up to a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 11/19.

Here is the link on Nancy Yearout’s High Road to Humanity on YouTube where we speak about this New Moon in Scorpio as well the November energies.

FULL MOON in ARIES on Wednesday, October 20th – 
Wednesday’s Full Moon in Aries would love to ignite fires of inspiration and change that have been brewing beneath the surface over the past several months. Four planets are now moving forward… all since the New Moon in Libra 2 weeks ago. This means forward movement where there may have been delays or stagnation. Two planets, Saturn & Pluto, have been in retrograde motion since April & May respectfully… a lot of time for potential frustration and self reflection over What do I really want?, and, Is right for me?  Mercury and Jupiter changed direction on Monday, joining Saturn and Pluto in their march forward, bringing much needed optimism, big plans & objectivity. Movement beyond our self imposed limitations with a new sense of hope and courage is possible.
There is an overlay of a Yin/Yang theme that has also been dominant since the New Moon in Libra… a see saw with different & sometimes opposing energies sitting at opposite ends of the fulcrum… both ends seeking that perfect balance or, no balance at all. Are you my enemy? or, Do we find that sacred compromise? Libra is adept at compromise, mediation & negotiation, but with Mars hitching up with the Libra planets this month and on this Full Moon, the outcome could be ‘my way or the highway’, or, bring peace to a stressful situation. Since Pluto in Capricorn is prominent in this Full Moon, the outcome may boil down to practicality, efficiency and letting go of old ways and old thinking that is bogging everyone down. This Full Moon could mark a very significant turning point.
The Sun is in the important 50th Gene Key on this Full Moon which brings forward the gift of equilibrium, in spite of prevailing circumstances. The moon in the 3rd Gene Key offers the gift of innovation & change that arises from chaos. The Aries Full Moon gives us the courage to move through adversity & the prevailing chaos to ultimately find inner & outer peace.

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021 (7:14 am ET)

Expanding limiting beliefs to give way to a new outlook is possible & likely probable on this brilliant & powerful Super Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius!

Stagnant, rigid mindsets will have to struggle to hold their own given the illumination potential of the Jupiter ruled Sag Full Moon. Add the expansive influence of Jupiter in mystical Pisces for a quantum leap of perspective to tired & worn out repetitive thoughts. What is your truth given the changing reality on planet Earth? With 6 planets in mutable or adaptable signs, including Sun in Gemini & the Moon in Sagittarius, why not adapt? 

Review & rework outdated assumptions. An ideal time to yourself a new story allowing room for dreams & visions to manifest.
In Human Design the Sun is in Gate 20 placing an emphasis on staying in the present moment, a perfect environment for letting go of old, worn out stories and future expectations that aren’t in alignment with current realities. Richard Rudd describes the inherent magic in Gene Key 20, “My personal definition of magic is also very simple, it is the art of doing nothing outside your own nature.”
The Sagittarius Full Moon is in the Gate of Power highlighting the power of the Here & Now.
Sagittarius New Moon SolarEclipse – December 14, 2020 (11:13 am ET)
The New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th is in expansive Sagittarius is a which is a gateway portal that  uhers in the  20221 energies with its theme of Collective Integrity, honor and truth.
This New Moon Solar Eclipse is in favorable aspect to Mars in pioneering Aries so expect new innovations… also supported by the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, the sign of technology and innovation. Mars in Aries will add the courage necessary to stand up for what is honest and true!



Libra New Moon – October 16, 2020 (3:31 pm ET

A quiet pause for insights & revelations… The symbol often used to  represent Libra is the scales, and it is noteworthy that there is stillness at the moment of perfect balance when observing scales or children on a playground seesaw. This stillness represents a neutral or transcendent space between opposites or opposing viewpoints  that yields a fair and balanced judgment, decision and perspective, one that incorporates the utmost in integrity.

The New Moon in Libra is  a SuperMoon due to its close proximity to Earth &its added gravitational pull – pulling us deeper inside ourselves where we can better  touch the essence of who we are & what we want.Mercury  turns Retrograde in Scorpio on Tuesday, October 13th, insisting we get to the crux of  matters & Mercury opposes Uranus bringing laser sharp clarity on the 20th.

 With Venus ruled Libra, it is a time to reevaluate how we relate to one another. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 24 degrees of Libra is “The ability to develop new modes of response to basic life situations” Mars is also strong now, further intensifying the need for balance that Venus can provide. Mars is at the closest to Earth it will be for the next 2 years! New Moons are a perfect time to plant seeds and the insights  that are possible during this time period can bring forth sustainable changes in the months to come.

ARIES Full Moon – October 1 2020 (5:06 pm ET

As with the Fall Equinox, Balance is the dominant theme of Thursday’s AriesFull Moon.

The Sun in Venus ruled Libra & the Moon in Mars ruled Aries… the balancing of opposite energies, Mars & Venus, or attributes that are often described as masculine & feminine, or passive & assertive. As humans we are a combination of qualities of both & striving for balance is finding the middle ground where we are at choice to interact with other humans and the world for maximum fulfillment & success. The Full Moon is aligned with Chiron, an energy that can bring deep healing to old patterns where we may be out of balance and thereby blocking the fulfillment that belongs to us.

Is it not surprising that a dominant issue weighing in the balance since the Equinox is the Supreme Court Justice pick that will influence future decisions regarding a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her own body? There are several influences adding fuel to this fire. Mars is in its own sign Aries where it wants to win &will run roughshod.. Libra rules justice and fairness. Furthermore, Mars is squaring authoritative Saturn in Capricorn adding delay & frustration, Saturn doesn’t hesitate to point out loopholes & shoddy actions!
Mercury turns retrograde on October 13th indicating that decisions have the potential for reversals when Mercury turns direct on election day.
The good news is that Saturn turned direct on Sept 29th &Pluto will turn direct on Oct 4th. We are very, very slowly approaching the end of the grueling Saturn Pluto conjunction that characterizes 2020. This conjunction occurred exactly on Jan 12th at the start of the pandemic & lock down. Both Saturn & Pluto are difficult energies.. Saturn is the great teacher and Pluto is the transformer,When theses energies work well together, the result can be sustainable change.
Full Moons’ illuminate just as moonlight marks our path in the night. We can see what needs to be fixed, tweaked & made more adaptable so deeply held desires can manifest. It is just as important to note where diligence & hard work paid off!

SATURN – Often Feared & Misunderstood…

Saturn is responsible for our strength, perseverance, hard work, long life, motivation and strength of character. Saturn is also responsible in helping us retain all the good luck, deeds and health that we are born with.

A strong Saturn brings the ability to live with dignity & power. It’s like a tree with deep roots, which will shake in the bad weather, but will not fall down.

2018 VENUS RETROGRADE triggers a NEW 19 month VENUS CYCYLE

Venus begins her retrograde sojourn on Friday @ 3:04 PM ET where she is closest to Earth and in her greatest strength & power!
Ancients revered this period when Venus moves from being an evening star to a brightly shining morning star…🌟
Venus will rise this year on November 1st… 15 days before the end of the retrograde cycle on November 16th.
In addition, we transition from a 19 month Aries Venus Cycle which we celebrated the Bold Warrior Woman Goddess… to a Libra Venus Cycle. Venus is at home in Libra and will flourish bringing beauty, balance & fairness!
Thoughts on how this transition will manifest on the world stage over the next 19 months?
On a personal level, what areas & where in relationships do we need re-balancing?



Fall can bring huge potential for growth amidst the potential chaos & unexpected changes. We are entering the Harvest & tilling the soil for new growth!

The Equinox represents balance with equal days & equal nights. It is a turning point. You can come into harmonic balance by balancing Yin & Yang within yourself: Giving & Receiving; Self & Others; Rest & Activity; Lighten what is too heavy & Calm what has been too frantic!

• Planetary Activation Sequences that affect the Earth’s Grid are focused on 3- month, 6-month, 9-month intervals. At this time, all vortexes on the planet come into a Harmonic Resonance. We have an opportunity to shift into a higher frequency! It is a time for renewal & recalibration.

Out of Bounds Planetary Periods

Planets are Out of Bounds when they travel beyond the yearly orb of the sun which moves between the Tropic of Cancer at summer solstice and the Tropic of Capricorn at winter solstice.  Out of Bound planets can be unstable, especially when Mars is Out of Bounds.  People often withdraw when Mercury and Venus are Out of Bounds. Behavior can become more erratic when a planet is travelling Out of Bounds from where the Sun normally travels and they become “rebel energies”. it is a great time to consider new ways of perceiving reality that are beyond what may have previously imagined. It is a time to allow your imagination to run wild. Imagine any ensuing chaos is creating new perceptions that are liberating and fun! Out of Bound planets in the birthchart can create “genius” or a total renegades. An example is that sometimes  criminals have an Out of Bounds Moon. Hitler’s Moon was close to being OOB. On the other hand, Carl Jung had Mars OOB in his natal chart, coupled with a Progressed Moon than ran into OOB territory periodically.


A quintile (72 degrees) is a little used aspect obtained by dividing the chart by 5.  An exerpt regarding quintiles in the birth chart from…


Quintiles, hopefully, bring us newness and greater connectedness with the divine. They show us the way to a better understanding of the universe and of the beauty of creation. By putting us in touch with the greater archetypes we are empowered to be more than we were and to stand apart from the satus quo and show our uniqueness as human beings. But we can only do this if we have even only a tenuous link with the higher Self. If a person has quintiles in his or her chart, then such a connection, if existent, becomes a channel for the voice of the soul to pour forth into the lives of all around them. Having quintiles in a chart is no guarantee of such a connection, however. True genius is only ever of the soul, but a fuller measure of contact with the soul usually only comes at a cost to the persona, for the persona most often resists anything new, as it is the status quo within our own energy fields.

VIRGO New Moon – September 17 2020 (7 am ET) 

The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 17th at 7 am at 25 Virgo is a perfect time to put your life in order.
If ever there was a time to weed out clutter & excess and organize for the “new you” that has peered out from under the veils of fear, illusion and transformation, it is NOW. The New Moon in Virgo  on Tuesday, 9/17 sets the tone for a new efficiency in your life at the physical, mental and emotional levels… an all inclusive Get Back into Shape vib!
With Venus in creative & passionate Leo square to the bearer of unexpected surprises, Uranus, a few days prior to the New Moon, include an ample amount of Pop Up FUN in that efficiency plan to sooth the soul and balance the intermittent heaviness from the frustrations and struggles we have been enduring with Mars in Aries running through the gamut of squares to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.
With deep compassion going out to all those that are either vulnerable or affected by the devastating fires on the West Coast. May the New Moon opposition to Neptune bring forth the rain that is needed to squelch further damage and loss, yet not too much rain to states along the Gulf of Mexico experiencing Hurricane Sally.
Perhaps Jupiter changing direction and moving forward will bring us renewed hope and the inspiration to find new solutions to old problems, one step at a time, of course, in honor of 6 planets in Earth signs.
From the Human Design perspective,constructive change can occur when we don’t shut down. Staying open emotionally and choosing diplomacy can resolve conflicts which can ultimately lead to peace. The New Moon is in the 6th Gene Key of conflict resolution.

PISCES Full Moon – September 2 2020 (1:22 am ET)

Dreams, visions, secret hopes & wishes… no holding back on what’s possible! The Full Moon in Pisces on the 1st or 2nd, depending where you live, illuminates these deeply felt desires and the planets are aligned to help make it happen. The key is being open to insights that you can’t ignore because they feel so right.

Through the remainder of the year, we remain in the vib of keeping on in spite of obstacles and setbacks. Patience combined with concrete planning is still in order, even if the results appear small and insignificant at times. There are a plethora of planets in Earth signs including the Virgo Sun & Mercury, the ongoing mini stellium of planets in Capricorn that keeps us on track and not easily ruffled and Uranus in Taurus which eggs us on in fits and starts.

Dream big, allow for flexibility and course corrections especially during the next 2 weeks when Mars & Jupiter change direction and have the potential to move things forward and also let you know what isn’t worth your time.

The Pisces Full Moon is in Gate 37, Line 5 with the Sun in Gate 40in the Human Design chart accenting the channel of Community which can bring great support at this time especially when we meet others from a place of wholeness within ourselves. 

AQUARIUS Full Moon – August 3 2020 (11:59 am ET)

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd is upon us illuminating our path forward. How can you creatively reinvent your life so that you are more fulfilled?Are there decisions that you have put off?
Outer circumstances may be forcing you to take action. Anxiety and inner turmoil have been brewing for far too long. It is time to move forward or at least make a realistic plan.
This Full Moon has a playful and an unnerving quality to it. There is a friendly orientation to it as well where we realize that we can’t do it all ourselves and maybe we do need others to help us out. We are reminded how powerful and fulfilling it is to help out others when they need it, especially when we can.

The Full Moon is on the Leo – Aquarius axis that combines the heart energy of Leo with the humanitarian, non-judgemental, community oriented focus of Aquarius. How can you make a difference on our planet now? Having the courage to take steps towards the alignment with our deepest personal needs and fulfillment is surely a spectacular way to begin! 

There is tremendous assistance from the Human Design perspective for figuring out what matters to us (61-24) & then being open to new ways to manifest what we need. The emotionally manifesting channel (12-22) is supporting everyone until early October. This channel can open doorways that haven’t been opened before as its gift. A word of caution on overly impulsive actions since this channel can make emotions run amuck! Mars is passing through Aries until January 6, 2021 which will test us all in handling emotions and when to exercise restraint thanks to the influence of planets in Capricorn!
The Channel of Awareness has been defined for everyone since May and it continues well into 2021 bringing enhanced self awareness.
The Full Moon is in Human Design Gate 19, Line 5, which is very supportive of bringing people together, acknowledging each other’s capabilities and helping them to get ahead.

CANCER New Moon – July 20 2020 (1:33 pm ET)

The 2nd Cancer New Moon of the summer on Monday, the 20th is reinforcing the value of self care & how vitally important it is in developing resistance to the incredible stresses on the planet.

A preliminary step is knowing what you need so that you can nurture yourself and then help others.  Mars & Chiron are hanging out together in Aries and they will oblige you in clearing up old hurts and ferreting out lingering resentments. They are partnering with the ever present combo of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter & strategic Pallas Athena which have been recently highlighted by an opposition from the Sun. Mercury is heading towards oppositions to the same planetary bodies between now & the Full Moon on August 3rd. Are you seeing things differently from earlier in the season? Do you have more awareness of improvements that will empower & nurture your soul?

New Moons are for setting intentions for the month ahead.  The eclipses, retrogrades and planetary combinations of the last 8 weeks can provide insights. What was important may no longer matter so much. Priorities have shifted & new foundations can be initiated to support new priorities. The onslaught of recent planetary oppositions are hard to ignore… they are right there in your purview & brought on by others.
The newish dwarf planet Eris is prominent & will help you to find your deepest passions & innermost callings which fits nicely into the Cancerian theme of Nurturing your Soul.
The New Moon is in Gate 56, Line 3 of the Human Design chart relating to beliefs & how they can be readjusted based on new experiences. Are you telling yourself a story that isn’t holding water in this Cancer New Moon!

CAPRICORN Full Moon Eclipse – July 5 2020 (12:44 am ET)

Getting easier? Or, maybe we are getting used to an heightened level of intensity… a new normal perhaps.
Shortly after midnight ET on July 5th, double up on the Fireworks please… A Full Moon in Capricorn & the 3rd Eclipse in 6 weeks, with this one on top of the Birthday Sun of USA.
There is so much to say with so many planetary shifts, retrogrades, extraordinary connections between planets… the bottom line is Saturn is back in Capricorn, Mars is in Aries and Venus is moving forward, Mercury is Retrograde, so:
-Make sure your plans/endeavors are sound
-Have a lot of patience, but don’t dawdle or stay stuck
-Make Self care & healing a priority
-Let your Shadow & your Light dance together… In the heavens, Jupiter, the sky God, & Pluto, the Underworld God, are hanging out together!
-Activate your courage, but ditch the arrogance & self righteousness
This Full Moon Eclipse is aligned with the powerful Fixed Star Sirius and according to the Ancient Mystery Schools, this alignment opens a powerful, regenerating Gateway that beams upon us with added wisdom & grace. This weekend is an important time to slow down & recharge. Sirius is also known as the Dog Star and hence the saying, The Dog days of Summer!

From the Gene Key perspective, the Full Moon Eclipse occurs in the 39th Gene Key & according to Richard Rudd, Liberation is Being Free from Provocation!!

SUMMER SOLSTICE New Moon Eclipse – June 21 2020 (2:42 am ET)

The Summer Solstice that occurs on June 20th at 5:43 pm ET coincides with a New Moon Solar Eclipse that occurs on June 21st at 2:42 am ET. This eclipse is the 2nd of a series of 3 eclipses in a row, each around 2 weeks apart!

The term “Solstice” literally means “Sun Stands Still” which it does for 3 consecutive days, creating a “still point” – a portal for information and new creation coming in from the life-giving Sun. The New Moon Solar Eclipse can birth a new direction. It is an invitation for charting a new course that will come into clearer focus toward the end of June.
We know the world has forever been changed, although the degree of that change is now only beginning to be understood.

There’s an exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30th, but consider it effective all year. Jupiter & Pluto can lead to the expansion and extension of the power of governments. However, if we rise collectively and courageously, confronting & releasing old ways and re-patterning new humane ones, we may be able to rebuild our world on a better foundation. Mars further activates a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in November further creating a need for reform.

These complex energies color 2020. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that within this period is also a diamond in the rough. The Sun & Venus conjoined on 6/3, which it only does every 584 days, setting the possibility for a fresh slate in relationships. Venus shifted from being an evening star to a morning star and combined with the eclipse influence, it is a good time to integrate honest, compassionate communication into key relationships.

Mercury at 14˚ Cancer, sitting on the U.S. Sun, retrograded on June 18th until  July 12th flowing into the emotional area of family dynamics, national security, and unresolved feelings. The asteroid turned dwarf planet Ceres is in the mix and can make us better caretakers & more sensitive nurturers. Mercury adds to the list of other retrograde planets & it gives us a chance to recalibrate. From the Human Design perspective, this energy can be provocative and make us uncomfortable.⁠

We are at an evolutionary crossroads, facing a pandemic & social upheaval that is erupting as a result of our country’s long history of racial violence and injustice. Pluto will force us to emotionally process this collective unrest. It will demand an overhaul of the entire system.

SAGITTARIUS Full Moon Eclipse – June 5 2020 (3:13 pm ET)

This potent Full Moon Eclipse in expansive, truth oriented Sagittarius can focus light on our personal & collective belief systems. Lunar eclipses can shine a laser onto what is hiding in the shadows. Sagittarius is on a quest for the truth so expect there to be light shed on buried truths both on the world stage and in personal affairs & key relationships.

A Full Moon is a polarization of the Sun opposite the Moon, each in opposing signs, & we are not lacking in planetary & earthly polarities! With the square of the Sun, Venus & the Moon to Mars & Neptune, it’s like a spell has been cast as we swirl into the abyss of the polarization of opposing forces. Random violence is not ruled out which is apparent in current events. Did I mention, this is just the first of 3 eclipses in a row? There is a powerful Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice point onJune 21st & another Lunar Eclipse on July 4th/5th…

Freedom is a recurrent theme for the Sagittarius/Gemini axis & there is frustration abounding with Saturn retrograde, the planet of responsibility, that can create an overemphasis on limitation. This is emphasized by Saturn residing in the Gate of Limitation in the Human design chart. Jupiter & Pluto are in Saturn ruled Capricorn adding to the intensity of our decisions and the drive for conscious change & transformation. While Saturn is in Aquarius, changes are supported that benefit the whole of humanity. We can make major paradigm shifts during these 3 powerful eclipses further helping others to ultimately help ourselves.
The Sun & Retrograde Venus conjoined on 6/3, which it only does every 584 days, setting the possibility for a fresh slate in relationships. Venus shifted from being an evening star to a morning star, although not yet visible in the sky until the 10th. Combined with the eclipse influence, it is a good time to integrate honest, compassionate communication into key relationships.
From a Human Design perspective, The full Moon is in Gate 5, Line 5, highlighting the importance of keeping to routines that support us and where we find stability. Progress can be made by sticking to our own individual rhythms and routines in spite of temporary setbacks & emotional dips. Progress is being made..
The ancients celebrated this Full Moon as the Goodwill Festival for Humanity due to the influence of the fixed star Sirius stepping between the astronomical pillars of the Gemini constellation. Let’s bring forward this goodwill with gusto!

GEMINI New Moon – May 22 2020 (1:39 pm ET)

Is it time to stop taking life so seriously? Well, maybe… at least thru the 28th when Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, enters sensitive Cancer. Meanwhile, connecting, relating, lightening up is apropos for the New Moon in Gemini on 22nd when a grouping of heavenly bodies and the North Node, a key collective destiny point, are in playful Gemini. Venus remains in Gemini for the long haul until August 7th, so new ways of interacting, sharing and thinking can develop into more fulfilling relationship patterns that will become especially significant in 6 mos when there is a powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th.
Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto are retrograde accentuating a re-evaluation of how we expand, contract and persist as we review structures, societal values and self imposed limitations that no longer serve us.
Transformation & change continue as a dominant theme thru the end of the year while we perfect relating to others while remaining self-empowered, kind, loving and as we hold realistic expectations.
In Human Design, Uranus moved into Gate 24 until April 2022 inviting innovation & transformation after realizing that the same old mental patterns & rationalizations are bogus. Meanwhile, Saturn & Jupiter are in Gate 60 of Limitations encouraging new limitations that actually work to achieve our goals & manifest our dreams.

The New Moon is in Gate 20, Line 3 encouraging us to stay in the “here and now”.

SCORPIO Full Moon – May 7 2020 (6:45 am ET)

The mysterious, seductive Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th  is in contrast to the logical, communicative North Node and Venus in Gemini. Add Mars and Saturn in freedom, humanitarian oriented Aquarius and it will beg the question, “Are remote relationships cutting it or do we need more intimacy? The desire to merge is compounded by Neptune in Pisces aspecting the Scorpio Moon and squaring Venus. How does shelter in place and social distancing fare during these contradictory energies?

A fertile fantasy life with Venus, Sun, Moon,  Mercury and Mars all connecting to Neptune is likely and don’t underestimate messages & inspirations that come via dreams and visions!

Jupiter, Pluto and goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena, are in conservative Capricorn reinforcing a cautious, play by the rules approach. We can expect an exaggeration of conflicting points of view over the next weeks intensified by the Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Venus all in an inner oriented retrograde motion by mid month. Retrograde planets trigger a re-evaluation and obsession in the areas of life governed by the particular retrograde planet. This will include areas related to relationships and connectivity, self-empowerment, productivity, and attainment of ambitions. Jupiter retrograde can lead to over-confidence, which will likely be curtailed once Saturn re-enters Capricorn on July 1st.
In Human Design, this is a Super Full Moon of Creativity. It is about receptivity to vision and what brings inner joy and then its creative implementation. The Sun is in the receptive Gate 2 of Yin and the Moon is in the primal Gate 1 of Creativity and Yang. With Venus moving back and forth through Gemini which is esoterically ruled by Venus for the next 3 months followed by Mars moving back & forth through Mars ruled Aries for 6 months, this is an encore for balancing our inner & outer Yin and Yang to ultimately yield successful relationships with both ourselves and others.

TAURUS New Moon – April 22 2020 (10:26 pm ET)

Are you open to something new & possibly better? This is a basic theme of the Taurus New Moon. We plant seeds on a New Moon & with the practical, fertile disposition of Taurus, we can ponder that question as we review what was, what is and what can be. There is a desire to move forward with the Sun, Moon and future oriented, disruptive Uranus sharing space, however, traditional Saturn is lurking in the wings providing a substantial amount of resistance for maintaining tradition. Taurus also carries its share of don’t rush me into anything, while Saturn in humanitarian, progressive Aquarius is pointing out what doesn’t work now and hasn’t worked for awhile.
There is a conflict looming as the New Moon sets the tone for this lunar month. The upshot is that there will be a focus on our most closely held personal values –  What is important?  what do I really need? and What is extraneous?
In the Human Design chart, the Sun & Moon are in the 27th Gate of nurturing, giving the strength to nurture and the power of caring. Interestingly, Uranus in Gate 27, Line 5, is described as the ability to distribute effectively the resources of others which is apropos for the progressive, humanity oriented Uranian theme of this New Moon! The shadow of the 27th Gene key is selfishness, while there is the opportunity for the gift of altruism and selflessness.

LIBRA Full Moon – April 7 2020 (10:36 pm ET)

On a Full Moon, the light of the Sun is reflected by the Moon and thereby balanced by the Moon’s disposition. On Tuesday evening, at 10:39 pm ET, the Libra Full Moon further expands the equinoctial theme of balance as it receives the light from the go-for-it Mars ruled Aries Sun. Here we have a stop & smell the roses balance point… a reminder as to whether our actions are fair to others.Libra is a relationship oriented sign which includes the relationship to the deepest aspects of Self which brings forth the question, Are my actions justified for my own highest good?

Libra bestows upon us the gifts of fairness, equability, justice and beauty. It represents the balance between the self and the not self. The Libra energy really dislikes inequality. Aries is courageous and bold and can bring forth the courage to rise to these extenuating circumstances with grace & good will.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on the 4th adds fuel to the fire. On a positive note, this energy can expand the availability of transformative energy and create a more equitable, humanity oriented platform moving forward. The down side would include excessive reactions to the pandemic and an expansion of plutocracy. A lot can be achieved both personally and globally… especially with the support of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius making a supportive aspect to Venus in Gemini. What is missing? & How can you fix it?

 In the Human Design Chart, the Full Moon in is Gate 57, Line 4, adding intuitive clarity to master all types of relationships – including our relationship to our Self. The Sun is in Gate 51, the Gate of Shock and can give the ability to find opportunity in the midst of challenging times. 

ARIES New Moon – March 24 2020 (5:29 am ET)


The Aries New Moon can bring courage as each of us navigate the prevailing uncertainty of the Coronavirus pause. Positive attributes of the Sun & Moon in Aries include bravery, adventurousness, positivity & courage. The shadow side of this fiery energy exhibits impulsiveness, impatience & a me first orientation – a contrast to the stellium of planets in Capricorn demanding patience, responsibility & perseverance.

Courage is the magic ingredient that can bring willpower to shift boredom into creativity and to slay our demons as they rise up during the next weeks as isolation creates more fear & anxiety. Couragecan help us move from our familiar way of doing things to a new, and perhaps, original way of functioning that unleashes new talents, abilities & sets forth the power within.

The New Moon is aligned with Chiron the mythical wounded healer. The symbol for Chiron looks like a key as it is the key to unlock a new future. It is a bridge that moves from old unconscious, habit patterns to a more fulfilling future. The “key” is to lessen the suffering it takes to get there by courageously feeling the pain to its depth & moving on. I know it is easier said than done, but we are stronger than we think… or at least this New Moon in Aries can help us believe it!
The New Moon is in Gate 17 in the Human Design Chart which Chetan Parkyn describes as finding a logical balance within the many perspectives of what life is, or could be about. This gate rules the right eye… an all seeing eye that sees humanity as a whole… perfect as the first new moon following Saturn’s entrance into humanitarian oriented Aquarius! 

VIRGO FULL Moon – March 9 2020 (1:47 pm ET)

The Super Full Moon @ 1:47 pm ET & Mercury turns Direct @ 11:48 pm ET… Yikes!  Insights, subtle hunches, just a feeling maybe? The logical mind may not be quite up to snuff for a couple of days, however, the soul is offering precious information in subtle ways. Practical & discerning Virgo can glean tidbits of next steps amidst the Piscean fog which is accentuated by the Sun with Neptune – a transit that can be delicious in its own right for inspirational messages & artistic pursuits.We have a preponderance of earth energy with this Full Moon and 6 heavenly bodies in Capricorn along with Venus & Uranus in Taurus – making this a valuable time for forward movement.  Aligning each step forward to your cherished dreams is the gift of this special Super Full Moon in Virgo… a Super Full Moon because of the Moon’s proximity to Earth and it’s heightened effect.

Major energy shifts, propelling future oriented actions, arrive with the Spring Equinox on March 19th followed by Saturn entering Aquarius for her first sojourn on March 21st. This Full Moon marks an opportune time to set the stage for successful new beginnings while the Sun transits Aries. Discern what is important and let go of what no longer serves you.
By the way, Venus in Taurus aligned with Uranus during this Full Moon can bring a few surprises in the romance area… stay tuned!
The Sun is transiting Gate 22, Line 3, of perfected grace in the Human Design chart which is auspicious according to Chetan Parkyn & signifies ” You embody Grace as all things wondrous, aligning yourself with simple Universal truths.” On the other hand, the Moon in Gate 47 of Realization, with Line 3, indicates that “a purely mental viewpoint can be unrealistically restrictive”.

PISCES NEW Moon – February 23 2020 (10:32 am ET)

Sunday’s watery Pisces New Moon is a perfect time to dive into the stillness of our innermost depths where we can listen, reflect, dream & receive inspiration. The subtleties are palpable in this deeply meditative state. Miracles can happen deep beneath the surface, where we seemingly know what needs to go & where our innermost passions reside. Clarity may not ensue until closer to the light of the upcoming full moon in Virgo. The new moon is a seed time, plus, Mercury is in an inwardly oriented Retrograde in Pisces until March 9th.

Mars is Out of Bounds & conjunct the South Node in Capricorn… a combination that can foster impulsive, perhaps regrettable actions. Slow & steady, with an abundance of patience, still applies with 6 celestial bodies in Capricorn.
The New Moon is in Gate 55, line 5 in Human Design which is called the voice of Spirit.
How can you harness these subtle inclinations? Is there a way to productively channel the feeling that change is on the horizon, yet the next steps are still not known?
LEO FULL Moon – February 9 2020 (2:22 am ET)Did you forget how to play and have fun? Perhaps the Leo Full Moon this weekend will remind you! The Full Moon in Leo can shine a light on how to balance the pervasive seriousness & intensity of recent times.

Opening to love is exactly what the doctor ordered!I am not saying that everything is roses & light, but sometimes the ball is in our court and this is one of those times! Jumping to conclusions & acting reckless is ill advised with Mars in the sign of freedom & adventure (Sagittarius) & Eris, the warrior goddess having little tolerance for the unauthentic.

Venus is with Chiron in Aries and some issues we perceive could be from our own inner wounding. In Human Design, the Leo Full Moon is in the 4th Gene Key that has a shadow energy of intolerance with its highest essence being forgiveness. The 2nd line of kindness recognizes that everyone has their own strengths & weakesses.

AQUARIUS NEW Moon – January 24 2020 (4:42 pm ET)

The January 24th New Moon in Aquarius offers an expansive & potentially magical view on your 2020 intentions. It is not a time to curtail your imagination…. let it flow. Rigidity is your nemesis… the subplot here is that if you can envision it, then it is possible!

Aquarius holds a futuristic energy that honors genius, uniqueness & thinking outside the box. With the Sun, Moon & Mercury in Aquarius & the New Moon aspecting Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, this lunation can open you to new possibilities & provide valuable insight & clarity.

The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn & with Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn, you have to keep it real! Perhaps your vision of reality can get an expansive boost & you can open to a new possibilities.

In Human Design, this New Moon is in Gene Key 41 which is creative, dreamy & indulgent in the fantastic. Curiously, Gene Key 41 marks the beginning a new evolutionary cycle with an inherent pressure within to connect to the next download that furthers humanity.

CAPRICORN FULL Moon ECLIPSE – January 10 2020 (2:22 pm ET)

How are you balancing your worldly responsibilities & ambitious yearnings with self-care ? Are you really fulfilled or do you feel trapped by the hum drum of your life? It is likely that the  Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer is stirring the overwhelm pot & shining a spotlight on emotional needs that are being frustrated. This Full Moon is intense & provides a huge opportunity for expansion, but then again, it seems like every major planetary event is intense these days!This weekend is particularly significant & can rattle you if you are avoiding taking responsibility for your own stuff, are out of balance or out of integrity to yourself & others. There are a whopping # of planetary bodies in Capricorn opposing the Moon in Cancer & we have the rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction on Sunday, January 12th. Also, Uranus, the awakener, & the dwarf planet Eris – named after the Goddess of strife & discord, are shifting direction (which makes a planet stronger).

Resilience & sustainable strength are linked to staying grounded, centered & connected to your authentic self… then, you are not so easily blown away by outer circumstances & opinions. In 2020 a new paradigm is being born that highlights self-empowerment through self awareness with each person taking full responsibility for their own unique gifts & the self care necessary so that you can actually manifest these talents & gifts and fully contribute to the greater good of this planet.The abundance of slow moving Capricornian planets throughout most of 2020 are making a profound statement regarding sustainable foundationsthat can propel you forward. Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, the great teacher, governs responsibility to self & others, integrity, foundational structures, relationship to authority, corporate conglomerates, governing bodies and outer world status & success. These principals & areas are likely to witness profound changes this year. The opposing Cancerian Full Moon Eclipse is drawing attention to nuturing self, others & the emotional need for true fulfillment & sustainability that comes from balancing polarities, the inner & the outer, home & career, self fulfillment & ambitious goals.The Eclipse takes place in the Human Design chart with the Moon in Gate 53 of New Beginnings – Line 6 with the potential to remain true to your path of growth so that you can be a shining example to others. The Sun is in Gate 54 of Material & Spiritual Ambition with the line 6 of the Hexagram highlighting being honest in motives & interactions. The Shadow or negative manifestation of the Sun is Greed & Indifference with the Moon’s Shadow of Immaturity. This rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn occurs in the Gene Key 61 of Inner Truth, which is your inner truth. What structures have to be transformed for you to live your inner truth?

CAPRICORN NEW Moon ECLIPSE – December 26 2019 (12:13 am ET)

The New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn occurs just after midnight on the 26th EST within or immediately following festivities of Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa. The Eclipse, which conjoins several planets in Capricorn, projects a no nonsense ‘walk your talk’ vibe and combines the ultimate of what is possible to achieve with what you deeply believe. Both the warrior & the warrioress are awakened and there is a sublime passion to express your deepest truth while facing your deepest fears. 

Eclipses’ can have an influence for up to 6 months so there is time… New Moons are new beginnings so set the wheels in motion now for a super productive & fulfilling 2020.
The Human Design Gate 58, line 1 that is activated by this Eclipse speaks to the Joy of mastering the best expression of your unique self… aligning your outer life so that it reflects your talents & skills & innermost passions.
GEMINI FULL Moon – December 12 2019 (12:13 am ET)
There is a magical & powerful 12:12 Full Moon in Gemini shortly after midnight on Thursday ET…  This influx of cosmic light poses an opportunity to embrace a new perspective. Opening our hearts & minds, we can step out of our old, outworn & ineffective ways and see an opening for a new reality that brings us more fulfillment.

We are entering an unusually powerful period as we move into 2020. The planets are aligning & forming an aspect with Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, an aspect that occurs every 35 years. Simply stated, Saturn governs our structures as well as our fears & limitations & Pluto rules change & transformation. Opening our heart & mind now is a precursor to making necessary changes in 2020. 

The areas of your life that are out of alignment will likely surface in 2020, if they haven’t already been poking at you. This Full Moon shines a spotlight on those areas so you can begin to liberate yourself from these unwanted shackles & limitations. I love how Ingrid Fetell Lee uses the concept, “small moments of joy” in her writings… “While happiness should always be a top priority, it is the small moments that bring us joy that we can measure…” 

The year 2019 adds up to a 12 (2+0+1+9), so we have 12:12:12 which is a magical # in nature. Not only are there are 12 zodiac signs named after the 12 constellations, 12 months in a year, but we also have 12 strands of DNA (2 active strands & 10 dormant strands awaiting activation) … So between now and the Winter Solstice on 12/21… 12:21:12 …avail yourself of the magic!

In Human Design, this Full Moon (Gate 45-4) has a shadow energy of being dominated or dominating – either by the status quo & the repressive side of authority or by dominating others via your own authority. The gift of this Gene Key is be brave, change your mindset which can only benefit one & all. It’s the 100th monkey theory… one person more fulfilled shifts the paradigm for all. The Sun in Gate 26 of Integrity further benefits everyone.

SCORPIO NEW Moon – October 27 2019 (11:38pm ET)

The Scorpio New Moon on Sunday may zing you with a revelation or a shock – Maybe there was something you sort of knew all along that pokes thru to your conscious awareness.

We are still in a big phase of restructuring… getting rid of everything that prevented you from being your real self. This New Moon can highlight rigidity in your mindset & can offer you the choice of digging in or going with the flow. With the Sun & Moon opposite Uranus, too much rigidity can become brittle which the Uranian ‘lightning bolt’ type of energy can shatter.

There is a potentially frustrating Mars square Saturn aspect occurring that can be appeased with responsible, steady action… thereby overriding impatient or impulsive destructive behavior. The atmosphere favors transformation with a favorable quintile of the Sun/Moon to Pluto, so, letting go & allowing changes to take place is a key to success.

The New Moon is highlighting Gene Key #28 which honors the courage & tenacity needed to meet life’s challenges. Find your passion & embrace your deepest fears and the ensuing struggle to fully embrace & bring a deeper meaning of life.

ARIES FULL Moon – October 13 2019 (5:08pm ET)

Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries – Are you still processing your last insights & realizations and then, all of a sudden, you’re deep into more stuff?  Feels like there is no rest in site? This “Under Construction” phase continues at least thru the upcoming Eclipse season at the end of December & early January, especially if you have planets in Capricorn, Libra, Aries or Cancer.

Full Moons beam light so you can see in the dark. This Aries Full Moon brings the added element of the unexpected with Venus opposite the Awakener, Uranus.  Aries is highly action oriented & often impulsive. With the squares to Pluto by the Sun & Moon, it maybe best to have the underlying evidence before running head on into a showdown. 

Mars & Venus are dancing together – exchanging energies & disrupting the status quo – with Venus in a Mars ruled sign (Scorpio) & Mars in a Venus ruled sign (Libra). Moreover, Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus – a Mars ruled sign – presenting an opportunity for co-creating in relationships. There is a new, “outside-the-box”, dynamic taking place … relationships that choose to stay together, can create new satisfying ways of relating. This new dynamic holds true for all types of relationships, romantic, friendship, familial. 

LIBRA New Moon – September 28 2019 (2:27pm ET)

Saturday’s Venus ruled Libra New Moon is 3rd in a series of Super Moons – meaning there is a strong magnetic pull affecting the tides & all living things. The intensity further ups the ante for looking at how we relate. Are your relationships fair & balanced? If not, can you dedicate yourself to make the corrections that will restore equilibrium?

The Sun & Moon are opposite Chiron, the Cosmic healer. The impetus is here to embrace & heal our deepest relationship wounds. Inner wholeness, as a basis for a co-creative relationships of all kinds, is key. Co-dependency, the blame game & outworn patterns aren’t supported by this New Moon and are likely to be exacerbated with the Chiron opposition and two other difficult transits occuring in this lunar cycle. 

Saturn with the Moon’s South Node assists is releasing the old & Venus squaring Pluto can raise ugly control issues & power struggles that need to go.

New lunar cycles initiate new beginnings and this one is about focusing on perfecting relationships, fairness & justice and correcting whatever is in the way. The New Moon in Human Design is known as the Gate of Perfection, or in the IChing, Hexagram 18 is Working on What Has Been Spoilt.

PISCES Full Moon – September 14 2019 (12:33am ET)

Riding out the waves and still not reaching your goal? It may be a matter of waiting for the right timing – waiting for the tide to roll in!  Trust is key with the Pisces Full Moon – having trust to keep riding the waves until the timing is right.

Seeing the big picture is important.  The Pisces Full Moon connects strongly with Jupiter, Neptune & Mars which is a reminder not to loose track of the forest for the trees! There is also a preponderance of grounded earthy Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus planets in the mix…  asking you to hold your vision(s) with patience, focus & a huge dose of discernment as you whittle away distractions & whatever no longer serves you. This Full Moon does not necessarily bring an easy or homogeneous combination of planetary energies, however, a wider perspective coupled with trust & surrender will get you through the day. Major transformations are at hand now & as we head into 2020 energies. It is likely this is a major evolutionary step you are wanting to make. Major changes can take longer than we expect & you can get there, one step at a time!

The Pisces Full Moon takes place in the Human Design Gene Key of Grace, #22, which is a master of all the Gene Keys in that it has a very special message. In it’s highest essence, it represents the energy of Grace Under Pressure. Negative emotions are a natural part of life and there is awesome power in accepting these emotions and then transforming them through art, dance, creativity & service. Similarly, there is power bringing forth graciousness in all interactions by realizing the burdens other carry and not taking their behavior personally.

VIRGO New Moon – August 30 2019 (6:38am ET)

Essential Embodiment is the theme of the Virgo New Moon on Friday, August 30th. 8 out of 10 of the main planetary bodies are in Earth Signs… 5 of them in Virgo. Typically we think of Virgo as being task oriented… which it is, however, we want to go to a deeper level and get to the most grounded, most purposeful aspect of ourself. Virgo also rules discernment. How can you bring forward your essence and what are the steps you can take now that will be most worthwhile? A baby step will do… 

As we approach the powerful 2020 energies, there is more emphasis on what works in the here & now. Maybe there are some structures that are worth holding onto, but it is not likely that we follow them robotically. It’s all about what resonates with your essence… your unique contribution to this planet. 

In Human Design, this New Moon occurs in the Gene Key #40 which is has a shadow energy of not exhausting yourself with frenetic actions. Honor rest, nutrition & life supporting daily activities. Embrace loving yourself, honoring your essential nature & acknowledging that work that is in harmony with your true nature doesn’t feel like work… there is an opportunity to bring it down a notch from a frenetic pace to a more discerning, life supporting pace. When is the ‘apparent short-term gain’ outweighed by the ‘long-term loss’?

LEO New Moon – July 31 2019 (11:11pm ET)

Shifts & turns… intensity & flow… Ups & downs… Has this been going on for you?

The New Moon in Leo begins a new cycle at 11:11 PM ET tonight followed by Mercury moving direct 47 minutes later. Courage, Passion, Confidence to Follow your Heart.. What do you really value? What is important to you?.. asks Uranus in Taurus whose job it is to redefine values & “enoughness”. More clarity may ensue in the upcoming days. We are still asking what nourishes us at the deepest level and what are the steps we need to take to move forward. We can get a mega dose of courage to take those steps or perhaps the Universe is making suggestions with its gift of the unexpected!

CAPRICORN Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE – July 16 2019 (5:38pm ET)

An intense Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn… so much opportunity is available. What is worth keeping from the past?… What soothes your soul moving forward? No rush… allow this special Full Moon to shed light on what has been percolating for at least the past 6 months.

According to Vedic tradition, this is the most auspicious Full Moon of the year. Divine guidance & insight is available for the asking.

CANCER New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE – July 2 2019 (3:17pm ET)

Eclipses are potent… They are turning points, especially if they fall on significant areas in your horoscope. The Cancer New Moon on 7/2 can be EMPOWERING…

Cancer rules our deepest instincts & feelings, home & family, security & feelings of belonging and even our vulnerabilities that beckon acknowledgement for a happier life. Are you in balance with feeding your soul or are you ignoring these needs at the expense of career?  Are there too many shoulds in your life that you can’t pay attention to your own needs? Can you tackle obstacles that are blocking a new beginning? Innovative solutions might present themselves if you are still & open to listening…

SAGITTARIUS Full Moon – June 17 2019 (4:31am ET)

Monday’s Full Moon in Sag is nearby Jupiter which bodes well for undertakings related to truth & expansion. With this particular Full Moon, the courage to live one’s truth, to be one’s authentic self, is highlighted. Furthermore, this Full Moon aligns to the Galactic Center of our Universe. There is plenty of potent, out of this world energy & inspiration available for the taking!

On the down side, blind sided fanatacism is possible & it has the potential to be reinforced with an impatient & primal Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer opposing intense Pluto in Capricorn. This can foster obsessive thinking & forcefully imposed opinions.

This Full Moon is complex with its various opposing influences, however, the bottom line is be open minded & evaluate if the beliefs you hold near & dear are relevant to who you really are. If not, can you challenge yourself to bring forward the courage to shift?

Staying “cool” …hot headed energies abound… and keeping still so new found  revelations can bubble up is supported. In Human Design the Sun is in the Gate of Stillness & the Moon is in the Gate of Ideas.  A new perspective to an old problem can set the stage for the Summer Solstice.

GEMINI New Moon – June 3 2019 (6:02am ET)

Monday’s Gemini New Moon, marks the beginning of a highly energetic Lunar Cycle. Two planets, Mercury & Mars, are Out of Bounds… and as the name implies, these energies can provide the stimulus for progressive action during the upcoming week …action that moves past limiting patterns, structures & beliefs. As these planets – along with the Sun & Jupiter – slowly engage with other wordly Neptune, a sobering stance that moves past illusions & fantasy is optimal. Feet on the ground can bring opportunity & success. Willy-nilly action taken out of boredom… wanting too much too soon …may not bring the desired result.

The New Moon is with the fixed star Aldebaran, one of the 4 Royal Stars in the heaven. Aside from bringing with it a dose of stress & anxiety, Aldebaran is considered fortunate. This high energy star lends an energetic presence as shines a bright pinkish red in the sky.

TAURUS New Moon – May 4 2019 (6:46pm ET)

Maybe we can relax into this Taurus New Moon… perhaps it can bring a welcome respite from the intense transformation and the accompanying delays we have been experiencing? Every New Moon sets the stage for a new 29 day Lunation Cycle. This lunation focuses our attention on what we value. Has ‘quality of life’ taken a back seat over the past several months?

I am not saying that we are home free from the no nonsense, intense, nose to the grindstone planetary influences that characterize 2019 & 2020… a time out & possible communion with nature can strengthen one’s resolve & make it easier to make those lists.

LIBRA Full Moon – April 19 2019 (7:13am ET)

The Libra Blue Moon at the last degree of Libra with an imposing theme of inner & outer balance – truly achieved through diving deep inside & pulling out the essense of Self. So fragile, yet strong and ready to give & receive with innocence & courage.

There is so much to balance and very often we learn through imbalance as this particular period in history will affirm. There is much to understand in opposing forces and the subsequent unification of opposites. This passage of the Sun in Aries with two Full Moons in Libra offers an outstanding chance to embrace inner change and how that change can lead to a more fullfilling outer experience.

The past month has had several challenging planetry configurations requiring perseverence, introspection, patience, yet offering new found inspiration and an opportunity to reckon with ourselves & humanity. We are not in a rush, yet every moment counts! If we don’t find what we are looking for travelling down one road, then we simply turn back and find a new road, perhaps in a different direction. Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn coupled with the Nodes of the Moon have given us the gift of refining what works and what doesn’t. Jupiter in Sagittarius has opened our perspective beyond our customary mental limitations. This Full Moon is approaching Uranus in Taurus in a few days and offering the opportunity of a breakthrough or new direction. 

ARIES New Moon – April 5 2019 (4:51pm ET)

Friday’s New Moon in Aries is the 1st New Moon/New Beginning in the New Astrological Year that begins with the Spring Equinox. We are doubly urged to step out of our comfort zone & take meaningful, responsible action toward living our soul’s imprint, or, whatever we feel is our mission in life. We have a chance for a fresh start.

What if you don’t know what to do? Aries is instinctive & there are 3 planets still in Pisces supporting inspiration & our less logical side. There may be less obvious signs & cues like dreams & redundant messages… i.e. a billboard that catches your attention or a spoken word that resonates. Another guideline is “What can you not do?

We are not in the easiest of times from an astrological perspective. Nonetheless, there is hug potential for sustainable growth in all areas of our lives… a veritable renewal.  Conscious, responsible action is key during this period. The main ingredients for success are courage & patience… no knee jerk reactions based on insecurity, ego or an effort to control.

LIBRA Full Moon – March 20 2019 (9:43pm ET)

The Full Moon in Libra occurs less than 4 hours after the Spring Equinox, making it an exciting and volatile lunation. It is also a Super Moon – sitting closer to Earth & intensifying its magnetic pull. How are you feeling about relationships? The Sun in Mars ruled Aries & Moon in Venus ruled Libra sets a theme for balancing polarities – Masculine/Feminine, Self/Not Self, Us/Them, Passive/Aggressive.  Mars & Venus are in a challenging configuration now, so these themes are apt to be highlighted.

Extra self awareness is in order, especially as it relates to blaming & projecting on others. Our shadow self is scratching the surface of our awareness & honest soul searching & healing can go a long way. The Full Moon Equinox occurs alongside Chiron – the shaman, the healer & the fixer. Lots of healing & integration is possible now.

The Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries, sets the tone for the upcoming astrological year. This upcoming year is about taking responsibility for our relationship to our self so we can meet others from a foundation of wholeness. Mercury is Retrograde for another week in Neptune ruled Pisces lending itself to an inner subconscious journey.

PISCES New Moon – March 6 2019 (11:04am ET)

The New Moon is in the middle degree of the sign sitting with Neptune… significant as a balancing point – in this case, balancing the letting go of an outdated version of our self to stand firm in the unfolding, more resonant self. This newly aligned self can stand firm in the ebb & flow of our lifestream. The triple Neptune influence, Sun/Moon in Neptune ruled Pisces, heightens sensitivity & inspiration if we can be still to receive its message.

The New Moon occurs alongside Mercury turning Retrograde the previous day at the last degree of Pisces & the final degree of the Tropical zodiac… the transition degree of endings & new beginnings. Mercury Retrograde launches a review & re-evaluation period until March 28th. Also significant, the planet Uranus enters Taurus for the next 7 years triggering a shift in focus from pioneering, self oriented innovation to sustainability. Indeed a good time to rid oneself of clutter… emotional & physical.

In the spiral of life, all endings are new beginnings…

VIRGO Full Moon – FEBRUARY 19 2019 (10:53am ET)

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo will shine bright & full in the night sky. This particular Full Moon will be the largest of the year with the Moon closest to Earth. Can you feel it due to the increased pull on the Earth’s magnetic field?

The perfectionist & analytical Virgo influence is auspicious for manifesting ideals materially & adds extra focus to the process. The Moon’s favorable aspects to Mars & Uranus is liberating & can revolutionize our approach to attaining the same ideals we have been trying to ground for awhile.

Venus & Saturn conjunct in no nonsense Capricorn on the 18th adds a healthy dose of committment to all relationships & social endeavors especially when these key relationships foster growth & support us in attaining our ideals – a key component to a worthy relationship. The dwarf planet Chiron associated with healing deep wounds… completed its final sojourn in Pisces on the 18th… will bring a new level of courage in healing personal & ancestral pain as it moves through Aries for the next 8 years.

The powerful Fixed Star Regulus is at the same degree of the Full Moon. One of the 4 Royal Stars & ‘Guardians of the Sky’, Regulus, was in the yang sign of Leo from 157 BC until 2011 when it moved into the yin or feminine sign of Virgo due to the precession of the tropical zodiac. Virgo is about nuturing & harvesting what has been planted. Perhaps it is time to put aside pride & ego to serve Mother Earth.

The keywords for this Full Moon are dignity, discretion, dedication, innovation & freedom.


Monday’s Aquarian New Moon marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox. The Sun & Moon are also equally between two dissimilar planets, Saturn & Neptune… providing a mix of structure & creativity that encourages taking concrete steps to follow your dreams. Staying open to new possibilities while maintaining a daily routine can be easier under this influence.
The Sun & Moon are also equally between Venus & Chiron… bringing obstacles to fulfilling relationships to the surface to be healed and released.

We are reminded during this Aquarian period to honor your uniqueness & everyone else’s amidst this cultural shift. We are a family of individuals on this planet. 


The Leo Full Moon Eclipse takes place just after midnight ET on Monday. This lunation is also called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Eclipses expand the boundaries of our comfort zone… challenging the norm as either the moon or the sun disappear from view. With the Moon in Leo & the Sun in Aquarius, the wolf is howling to ‘Be the Love’ that humanity needs at this time. Creative innovation and the leadership to bring forth social justice combine the energies of the Aquarius/Leo axis. Where is the Love? is the question as the Leo Moon is eclipsed…


This evening’s Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse brings with it a big, practical, almost severe, no nonsense energy to be reckoned with. Its Saturnian, nose to the grindstone, effect can be ultimately satisfying for anyone serious about pursuing one’s growth. 

A powerful Uranus station that occurs simultaneously gives us a laser focus in determining what is practical & true and what is an simply an illusion. Uranus can bring surprises, yet the ultimate effect of its disruptive influence, is to bring change and help us shed the old & outworn.
There are 5 planetary bodies in Capricorn plus the Moon’s South Node which is a lot of practical earthy energy that we can draw upon. The old adage  “one step at a time” certainly applies here. We are supported by Jupiter, Mars & Neptune transiting the signs they naturally rule, Sag, Aries & Pisces respectively, thereby bringing a certain flow or comfort that we can utilize if we so choose. 
The glorious Mt Kailash in Western Tibet commands great respect by spiritual aspirants of several traditions.     Because of this great respect, it is circumambulated in a spiral & not climbed directly as is Mt Everest… maybe a more grounded “one step at a time’ approach to get used to the new altitude! Perhaps there is an analogy here is to the current planetary energies!

CANCER Full Moon – DECEMBER 22 2018

Saturday’s Cancer Full Moon… which follows the Winter Solstice by merely a day… is a celebration of light. As we gradually begin the ascent toward longer days in the Norther Hemisphere, we are bathed in the supporting, nurturing & potentially action oriented light of the Cancer Full Moon at none other than its most potent degree. Our emotions are palpable as we emerge from the deep descent into our psyche & review our most ingrained patterns.

How can we find that critical balance between work & family, ambition & self care, responsibility & emotional freedom? Are there co-dependent aspects of our closest relationships that are preventing us from achieving our deepest soul urges? With Uranus in the mix… fostering outside of the box thinking… we can be innovative. What are the life affirming patterns that can take us into 2019!


Sagittarius, and, one if its symbols, the Horse, are fiery, inspired & are always ready to move onto new adventures. This New Moon in Sag cycle is deeply impatient & can easily lead to false starts & impulsiveness given its current heavenly square to both Mars(planet of Action) & Neptune (Spirituality or Illusion). Common sense prevails, although Mercury barely changed direction from its 3 week Retrograde stint… are we really clear which actions are worth taking? The Sun & Moon in Sagittarius along with Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, inspires the quest for truth far beyond the apparent reality.

We may need to harness this abundance of enthusiasm for a few days of inner assessment & an outer reality check before we leap forward! On the other hand, you have a green light for creative activities stemming from new found inspirations… such as music, dance, art & drama.

GEMINI Full Moon – NOVEMBER 23 2018

The Gemini Full Moon in all of it’s Thanksgiving night glory, is energy packed & has the potential for overdoing! Inspiration abounds & perhaps you have a glimmer of what’s next for you. Slow down, refine & review… Mercury is Retrograde… and since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, it is not the time for poorly thought out ventures… instead, wait for clarity and in the meantime, bask in the warmth of a cozy fire!

TAURUS Full Moon – OCTOBER 24 2018

The full moon in Taurus on the 24th is exciting, electric & chaotic… All Full MOOns’ shed light & in Taurus, a flashlight shines on what & who we value. What/Who no longer serves your growth & ultimate fulfillment?

The Full Moon is aligned with Uranus… the planet that brings chaos & breaks apart outworn patterns. Uranus isn’t at home in comfort loving, security seeking Taurus. Yet there is freedom in letting go… Is the new norm finding comfort & security in freedom?

The Scorpio Sun is traveling with retrograde Venus which will shortly shift from being an evening star to a morning star. With that shift, we enter a new Libra Venus cycle – one that values fairness, integrity & grace. Now is the time to prepare for this new 18 month cycle by releasing whatever is blocking fair & balanced relationships.

LIBRA New Moon – OCTOBER 8 2018

The Libra New Moon on Monday evening is a time to re-balance whatever ails you through gentleness & gratitude. Deep & lasting transformation is possible in relationships due to the influence of Pluto & retrograde Venus in Scorpio.

Also, balancing influences abound with the Libra New Moon taking place smack in the middle of Libra… as if it is a fulcrum to balance the harshness, angst & hideous shadow that has been prevalent. Big steps are necessary… big love, big gratitude, big kindness.

This new moon is the beginning of a 28 day cycle which will include Venus transitioning from an evening star to a morning star on November 1st during its retrograde sojourn from Scorpio to Libra. At that time we enter into a new 19 month Libra Venus cycle… a sharp contrast to the previous 1.5 year Aries Venus cycle.

ARIES Full Moon – SEPTEMBER 24 2018

The Aries Full Moon! Action & passion…

Get your mojo on… Creatively synthesize heartfelt passion with honest discipline & exquisite regard for others and you can hold the keys to the kingdom that is your life. This full moon is part of a configuration where the Sun & Moon are both square to Saturn… adding an extra impedus to stay grounded and tend to responsibilities. The conundrum is how to keep the fires of passion burning while taking practical steps forward & lest ye not forget the Sun is Libra in the mix… requiring yin/yang balance & consideration for others. Finally, the Aries Moon is conjunct Chiron at the 0 Degree Aries World Axis… healing our deepest divisions internally & extrernally on the world’s stage are at stake. Where do spiritual beliefs not match physical manifestions?

VIRGO New Moon – SEPTEMBER 9 2018

The Virgo New Moon is grounded, yet allows for fantasy, imagination & new ideas that can unleashed into concrete steps towards goals & desires.  Perhaps you have a new perspective on important key issues and you want to hit the ground running… go for it!  Still a little confused or lacking the discerning clarity typical of Virgo?  Keep on digging and the answers will show up… Hold a clear intention and over the next few days… new information may be revealed. A lot of re-calibration has been taking place since the beginning of summer.

LEO New Moon Solar Eclipse – AUGUST 11 2018

The Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse is the last of 3 intense eclipses this summer season. Coupled with self reflection triggered by an abundance of retrograde planets & the Sun and Moon travelling with Mercury Retrograde… Is it time to tell yourself a new story?

Uncovering secrets from the past is a signature of eclipses. What revelations have occurred over the eclipse season that befit a new opening of the heart? Wipe off the cobwebs and shine in true Leo style! Be brave – open your heart… let the sun shine in, play, have fun…

This eclipse is connected to the ‘Opening of the Lion’s Gate and the rising of Sirius’. Balancing a strong & confident Self with an awareness of the collective humanity is a theme when an eclipse falls on this axis.

AQUARIUS Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – JULY 27 2018

The July 27th Full Moon Eclipse is POWERFUL & can redefine how & when we are controlled by our EGO. What is lurking beneath & between the status quo & its apparent vaneer? This eclipse can shine a spotlight on repressed anger, hurt & unwarranted pride that we are holding onto at the expense of our long term happiness.

This ‘Blood Moon’, which assumes a reddish color when the Moon blocks the Sun, is the longest lasting eclipse of this century so far (103 min). Adding to the powerful effect of this eclipse is the Moon’s conjunction to retrograde Mars in Aquarius & its square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This combination greatly heightens tension, emotional volatility & brings awareness of personal self-absorption at the expense of the greater whole.

What is the most loving & creative expression of self-respect, honor & humanity that we can embrace? Eclipses are the greatest impact on us when the Sun & Moon are touching personal points in the horoscope.

CANCER New Moon Solar Eclipse – JULY 12 2018

Cancer rules our digestive system. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is about asking ourselves what emotional responses, recent changes & pending personal transformations remain undigested? A spotlight is shining onto our personal empowerment, or lack thereof, and our personal self-esteem with this eclipse. Inner work & steps taken at this time will pay off in Spades!

ARIES New Moon – APRIL 15 2018

We’ve been patiently ruminating, digesting, reviewing for several weeks now… waiting for the elusive right moment & at best, accepting the familiar adage, “two steps forward and one step backwards”. Sunday’s Aries New Moon, in the sign of new beginnings, has the potential to either unleash chaos and destruction or bring an amazing burst of enthusiasm & determination reinforced by an overwhelming feeling of inner knowing.

The Sun & Moon are with the planet Uranus, the Great Awakener – triggering unexpected disruption, as well as the potential for insights & the expansion of consciousness. The Aries influence can amp up our courage and with Mercury moving forward on Sunday and Chiron entering Aries on Tuesday, we may have the courage and impetus to let go of old wounds & all that has held us back! Saturn will make sure that any steps forward are grounded and aligned with our vision as he/she stands still in the heavens, preparing to retrograde until September 6th.

PISCES New Moon – MARCH 17 2018

The Pisces New Moon brings with it heightened sensitivity and compassion. You may experience endings that set the stage for new beginnings. The Spring Equinox on March 20th marks the astrological new year & subsequent new beginnings.  What completions are needed in order to make room for the next cycle? This New Moon in Pisces offers a great opportunity for healing & tying up loose ends. What has been a gnawing at us – what underlying anxiety or depressing feeling have we not been able to put our finger on? Perhaps an old wound is finally ready to release… and, although the oozing residue can be messy, it is a necessary part of the healing. Brighter days ahead as we emerge as empowered beings


The Aquarian New Moon Solar Eclipse is a perfect time for a fresh start, a new orientation.  Eclipses are turbocharged, especially when the Sun/Moon connect to planets in your birth chart. There is an air of the unexpected coupled with flashes of insights…  maybe a new mindset is born out of the chaos. The Aquarian energy is original, often progressive & highly individualized… yet it honors its place as part of the group, community & the greater whole.  The Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog begins with this New Moon.  Perhaps there will be more heart in this year ahead… replacing the bickering & frenetic pace of the Fire Rooster!

Capricorn New Moon – January 16 2018

The Sun & Moon are in Capricorn on Tuesday’s New Moon. In addition, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Pluto are also in Capricorn… a lot of grounded earth energy! It calls on you to “Walk your Talk”! If you are not already serious about taking steps to make positive changes in your life, then this is the time to take a hard look at what needs to be done. This energy is structured & ordered and may challenge you to apply discipline in order to manifest your desires. At the same time, Uranus, the Trickster/Awakener, in Aries may throw a monkey wrench into your best made plans… Creatively handling apparent obstacles can put you right back on track & maybe provide a welcome fresh perspective.

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