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Tuesday’s brilliant Full Moon in Aquarius is focusing light on the Leo/Aquarius polarity. The Sun in Leo, a sign that rules the heart and is a passionate, creative & courageous sign whereas, the Moon is in Aquarius, a highly intuitive, mentally oriented air sign. The head/heart balance is in focus with this Full Moon, which is also a Super Moon, meaning that emotions can run higher than normal since the Moon is closer to Earth and has a stronger gravitational pull on tides as well as on the water in our bodies!
Speaking your truth with love and integrity would be one resolution of this polarity. Leaving judgement behind and favoring being inclusive is another.
There is a theme of relishing in simplicity with Jupiter in Taurus in the full moon configuration. Rather than engaging in drama that no longer serves you, insights from the Aquarius Full Moon can assist you in knowing what you can change as well as what you can’t. Venus retrograde in Leo is taking us all back over old ground regarding relationships and unfinished business, especially where the not so helpful patterns are concerned. 
Creative ways of relating to one another, especially when looking to resolve lingering issues are especially favored at this time. Mercury, the planet that rules communication is being somewhat stymied by an opposition to Saturn, so traditional ways of wanting to get a point across may not be heard and well received.
A favorable aspect between Mars and Jupiter can give us the oomph to move forward in some area where we dragged our feet. It’s a good time to make detailed plans, and good planning at this time can offer the prospect of success. Mercury turns retrograde in 3 weeks on 8/23, so taking time now to plan, especially when it is coupled with a creative twist, can serve you!

The powerful New Moon in Cancer on Monday offers a not so subtle glimpse of our inner workings. Is your power coming from deep inside you, or is it determined by outside influences & interferences?

Your inner state determines everything & every New Moon is a time to set intentions for the next cycle.
Pluto is strong in this lunation and can bring pressure to make changes and adjustments that align with new possibilities that are emerging due to recent upgrades in our awareness.
In this new moon, the outer planets are on board to assist us in smoothing out the roughness that can occur when we take a stand for our growth & happiness.
Planets are making two geometric configurations that are having a strong influence on us. One, the Finger of God, involves Pluto and Neptune at its triangular base pointing at Venus in Leo. Are we keeping an open heart, no matter what’s happening? If not, Venus has a long sojourn in Leo… until October, so one way or another, you are likely to get the hang of it!
The 2nd configuration is a Grand Cross involving the Moon’s Nodes which rule karma & soul growth. The Nodes are in a square to our friend Pluto who’s big on making necessary improvements, sometimes in spite of ourselves.
The New Moon fires up this last configuration which peaks over the next week as the Sun moves closer into the grand cross on the 22nd.
There is a lot of pressure and intensity that can ultimately yield great results. The focus is more inner this time around. Cancer rules our feelings and emotions.
One of the gifts from Monday’s Super Charged Full Moon in Capricorn is a reality check. The heightened intuitive awareness coupled with the luminescence of a full moon can bring realizations of how much we have changed over the past year. Frequency shifts coming from the Sun, the Earth and even the Galactic Center have us on a path of accelerated growth. It is a glorious time for humanity!
The Saturn ruled Capricorn full moon coupled with supportive & highly intuitive energy streams coming from planets in Taurus can suggest how to structure our lives so that we are comfortable with the energy shifts. How can we best assimilate the new energies and the new ways of being?
Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, is sitting relatively still in the sky, having changed direction on 6/30. If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed by the chaos, taking time out to sit still might just bring the inspiration & awareness you need to sort out the growing pains!
The preponderance of planets in water & earth signs on this Super Moon can help us at a very visceral level to regroup and get comfortable in our own skin as we assimilate the vibrational upgrade of the Summer Solstice and prepare for the ongoing planetary shifts.
What is your new normal?
The brilliant Full Moon in Sag, occurring minutes before midnight on June 3rd, EDT, brings insights that can illuminate our path forward and make some sense out of the recent intensity.
The April & May Eclipses, an increase in magnetic influences from Solar flares, slower moving planets changing signs and direction has put our evolutionary cycle on a fast track, leaving us yearning for a fresh perspective where we can feel safe.
The Sagittarius energy, adventurous at heart, sets our sights on the unbounded realms, testing limits, while creating a new status quo.
The traditional symbol for Sagittarius ♐️ is the Archer shooting its arrow out into new places and new ways of being.
With transformational, no nonsense Pluto affecting the Lunar Nodes, (points of intersection between the axis of our Sun and our Moon), this is an excellent opportunity to reframe past conditioning, and change our life for the better.
The challenge is to think big, expand awareness, get out of ruts holding you back, while keeping your feet firmly planted on the Earth in a way that is practical and sustainable. With a plethora of planetary points in grounded Taurus, we are embracing a new, higher consciousness way of being here on the sensuous and beautiful planet Earth!

The New Moon in sensual, earthy Taurus on Friday, the 19th, beckons us to reflect on ways to enrich our quality of life. Are there areas of our lives that need tweaking so that we can feel more at ease in these changing times?  Are we living in alignment with our present day values? Sustainability, practicality and comfort are relevant themes on this New Moon which is an auspicious time to initiate new plans & all kind of new beginnings. Time is spinning into an alternative dimension and we know that changes are happening faster than we could anticipate. Pluto, the planet associated with transformation and change has been prominent pointing out what’s not working and making us uncomfortable.  We are being guided to overhaul what we value & how we use what we value – ultimately revealing a new sense of security that is aligned to our shifting planet.

Jupiter entered Taurus on the 16th and will remain here for the next year. assisting us in redefining what is truly important, followed by Jupiter square Pluto, which is challenging our desire to expand in accordance with our resourcefulness. Mercury no longer retrograde gave us the opportunity to rethink important aspects of our life.

Happening simultaneously with this New Moon is a planetary combination that has the potential for being stressful. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in a challenging configuration can however bring the gift of courage to take on changes you’ve been wanting to make happen.

Onward & upward is the theme for the next 30 day lunar cycle.


“The truth can set you free” is a theme for this super charged Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on Friday, May5th. Profound shifts, new beginnings and possible endings are coming home to roost and there is a dawning of of how much has transpired since the powerful Spring Equinox. The last Full Moon Eclipse on November 8th 2022 took place at the same degrees of Taurus and Scorpio and we may be finding a connection between now and 6 months ago. Now may be a time when one door opens and another closes. Jupiter nearing the last degrees of Aries, the sign of new beginnings, is approaching a harmonious connection with Venus in Gemini. This combination along with a strong Mercury/Uranus conjunction can add either add levity or present other options to an otherwise intense Scorpio Moon.

Eclipses lay the groundwork for change… they work as magnetic change agents that can trigger and activate specific aspects of your life, depending on the area of your birth chart most affected by the Eclipse.

There is a juxtaposition of the Sun, Moon and Earth altering the magnetic frequency coming to earth. On this eclipse, the Moon passes deep into the outer part of the Earth’s shadow.

Typically Full Moon’s illuminate and bring light to situations, although in a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight that is falling on the Moon giving a shadow rather than illumination. As a result, it is highly auspicious to dig deep inside and feel into places where we have discomfort at any level, emotionally, physically or mentally. The opposition between the Sun in Taurus, an energy associated with values, quality of life & comfort and the Moon in the highly emotional sign of Scorpio, a sign that wants to get to the bottom of any issue, creates a perfect environment for transformation and change.

THE NEW  MOON ECLIPSE in ARIES, April, 20th, 2023
The Total Solar Eclipse on Wednesday evening, April 19th into Thursday morning, April 20th EDT, brings forth a powerful energy of change and transformation for evolutionary growth and self- empowerment.
As the 2nd New Moon in Aries since the Spring Equinox, the Universe is knocking upon our door of conscious awareness to make sure that we get the message that a clean slate is before us and that our passion, inspiration and courage can give birth to an awakening that touches us at our core.
Paying attention to the dynamics occurring at this time can be beneficial and take the edge off the unsettling feelings and experiences that occur at times of heightened planetary infusions of energy.
This is the first solar eclipse in Aries since March 2006. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and with Mercury standing still prior to turning retrograde on the 20th, we want to pay special attention to our thoughts and the stories that we are telling ourselves. Are our thoughts helpful or are they a hindrance to our forward movement?
Ancient lore recommends inner and more meditative activities during these outer unsettled periods.
The eclipse takes place in the area of the sky governed by Gene Key 3, where chaos can lead to innovation and ultimately innocence… all in the cycle of a fresh new start.
THE FULL MOON in LIBRA, April, 5/6, 2023

Powerful planetary alignments are at play under the Libra Full Moon that occurs on 4/5 and early on 4/6 on the East Coast. These energies are shining a spotlight on how you see yourself. Is your self-image stoked by the passion that resides deep within your inner fire? Does that self-image hold up when you are in relationship with others?

This is an ideal environment to put your life-force behind a more expansive vision of yourself. Creative projects, new ideas and new relationships that inspire can lead you towards more fulfillment. It’s a good time to add to the clean slate that was birthed with the Spring Equinox & the New Moon in Aries… where passion & inspiration has the opportunity to replace the difficult energies of the past 3 years.

It’s a good time for testing how the newly birthed aspects of yourself are being received. Can you hold your own and still compromise, respect one another  and negotiate a win-win for all? Are you hung up on the apparent perpetrator of old hurts? Are you empowered to acknowledge your own patterns & vulnerabilities so you don’t find yourself in similar hurtful situations?

There’s a great deal of support for letting go of old themes. The Sun and Jupiter in Aries reinforces resolve with an ‘I can do it’ approach. The desire to heal where we have been stuck is supported by two asteroids, the teacher/healer Chiron & the Goddess Vesta, who keeps the inner fire burning and oversees your investment of energy.

THE NEW MOON in ARIES, March, 21st, 2023

The New Moon in Aries occurs a mere 20 hours following the Spring Equinox on March 21st… Seeds planted now are more likely to manifest… especially when our desires are coupled with inspiration & passion!

There is the opportunity to initiate a a new life direction & to allow new chapters of your life to unfold.

Aries is the “go for it” energy… you can come back around and fine tune later. Ride the wave of inspiration and passion to push through resistance just as a new seedling must push through the earth!

THE FULL MOON in VIRGO, March, 7th, 2023

The Virgo Full Moon at 7:41 am EDT on Tuesday, March 7th is a reminder to stay connected to our sense of self, our inner wisdom… even amidst changing and unsettled times. Several planetary changes are occurring in March. Virgo rules our daily routines and practices. Do they serve us or weaken us? Can we hold our own in chaotic situations, and, if not, what do we need to do so that we can be at our best?

Virgo is a highly discerning sign. She is a goddess that can separate the wheat from the sheaf and distill the essence of every next step. Her only condition is that she needs daily nurturing  and self care so that her clarity can remain intact. This Full Moon is an excellent time to reevaluate habits and refine daily practices & routines. Perhaps integrating inner stillness can lead to a more productive our outer life. And, importantly, filling our own cup first can give us the exactly what we need to help others.

You can think of this as a cosmic clean up, or as a getting ready for spring which officially occurs on March 20th, launching the beginning of the new astrological year.

THE NEW MOON in PISCES, February, 20th, 2023
The mystical, mysterious and dreamy Pisces New Moon on the 20th brings a change of pace that beckons a meditative interlude, a pause from the waning harshness of late. Even a momentary flirtation with the unbounded realm where imaginary dreams are made from sets us up for our next phase of inner yearnings. What do we want to dream into being?
As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces shows us what lacks luster and needs to be infused with the freshness of new life, or simply released in preparation for the upcoming new beginnings of the Spring Equinox.
The impatience to move forward that we’ve been squelching since Jupiter reentered Aries at the winter solstice is getting a final re alignment so as to incorporate our deeply held dreams. As Jupiter in Aries meets up with Venus and then with Chiron & Juno a little later in this lunation, we are shown where we get in our own way. Aries is the I am principle with a strong desire to be the best of who we are. There may be just enough impetus to dig down and own up, especially in the realm of relationships. So easy to blame another rather than face our own demons. Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aquarius can assist us in honest communication.
The New Moon occurs in the area of the sky governed by Gene Key 55, whose highest purpose is to transform victimization into freedom. “This is the key of prophecy and is highly relevant at this time of great changes”, according to Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys teachings.
THE FULL MOON in LEO, February, 5th, 2023
Feb 5th, the highly creative, passionate & unpredictable Full Moon in Leo has the potential to stir the pot and shift outworn patterns. Personal charisma runs high. The Aquarius Sun & the Leo Moon are engaged in a cosmic act of balancing opposing planetary forces, Leo governing the heart, and, Aquarius governing the mind. How do we integrate the heart with the mind? What is that magical creative synthesis that elevates our spirit and brings love and joy to our human sojourn?
Uranus forms a highly energetic configuration with both the Sun and the Moon, which acts as a highly pressurized release valve, creating either mayhem or unleashing flashes of insight into the most challenging of situations.
A recent Venus square Mars can add the right amount of tension to want to reinvent relationships that matter most. Connections to Chiron can lend the necessary courage required to heal old patterns that continually get in our way.
Uranus is a wild card, and can trigger significant break-throughs. In Vedic astrology, this full moon takes place in the area of the sky, symbolized by the kundalini serpent, Ashlesha, which can be a powerful force for spiritual expansion.
In the upcoming days, The Sun will be approaching the great teacher Saturn, finally meeting up on Feb 16th, for the last time in Aquarius for the next 27 years. Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th shifting the nature of what we are learning individually and as a society. What we have and have not learned are likely to become obvious with this upcoming conjunction… highlighting Aquarian themes that include a focus on community, pros & cons related to technological advances, humanitarian concerns that include respect for all individuals and issues surrounding truth, integrity and personal freedom.
THE NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, January, 21st, 2023

The New Moon in future-oriented Aquarius awakens our spirit with a fresh glimpse of all that is possible… As the sign of hopes & dreams, Uranus ruled Aquarius supports thinking outside the box. This is a Super New Moon meaning it is at a closer distance to Earth than in more than 962 years with a particularly strong gravitational pull affecting our bodies and mind.

This auspicious new moon makes harmonious aspects to Jupiter & Mars – opening the door to new opportunities that we can actively pursue with planetary bodies all in forward motion after Jan 22nd until early May. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, the planet that rules insights and awakenings, is making a favorable configuration with Mercury in Capricorn helping us with sustainable solutions for forward movement.

This Sun & Moon at the first degree of Aquarius is touching into the great Christmas star configuration that glimmered brightly on 12/21/2020, marked by some as the onset of the Aquarian Age. This rare conjunction of the social planets, Saturn & Jupiter, launched a 200 year cycle when these two planets will conjoin in people oriented Air signs in western astrology. The last cycle was characterized by conjunctions in materially oriented earth signs. Shifting to a focus geared to humanity is further supported by Pluto’s movement into Aquarius on March 23rd. This slow moving planet of transformation combined with this Aquarian New Moon shows us a preview of what’s to come as this new orientation begins to further take hold in 2024 & 2025. Expect significant innovations with an enhanced focus on communities and groups and respect for uniqueness & individuality. The current Pluto in Capricorn hierarchical approach in government, corporations and other systems will eventually evolve into a bottom up people orientation.
The New Moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. We are entering the Year of the Water Rabbit.
THE FULL MOON in GEMINI, December, 7th, 2022

Are you feeling the subtle shifts that have happened in the past few weeks? The Full Moon in Gemini offers the opportunity to focus the mind with the backdrop of the grander perspective. Where have we been, what have we learned and where do we want to go next?
The veil of overwhelm and confusion is lifting and we are entering a period that supports strategic thinking & wise decisions.
Mars in Gemini is dominating this lunation… it’s so close to the full Gemini moon, that it’s red, orange twinkling light will be completely blocked by it for close to an hour, 90 or so minutes prior to midnight of the 8th, EST. Such an occultation of Mars rarely happens directly on a full moon.
The Power of the Word is front & center due to Mars extended sojourn in Mercurial Gemini. Communication style & substance are under review. Awareness of the effect our thoughts have upon us can have a profound effect on our outlook and outer reality. The stories we tell ourselves can come to the fore with this Full Moon, shifting our awareness and ultimately altering our decisions & our outer reality.

THE NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, November, 23rd, 2022

Alas, the New Moon in Sag on Wednesday, November 23rd… An upbeat, optimistic respite from the chaos & intensity of recent months. This is a time to embrace a new perspective, connect to the truth of your journey and ask where the road will lead you next. Perhaps An honest evaluation of where you’ve been, what you learned and how you’ve grown may show that you have made a lot of progress and that all is good… even better than good… beyond ok

Sagittarius is ruled by the beneficent and expansive Jupiter that is twinkling largely in the sky. Jupiter is standing still, about to change direction, which makes this up-beat energy felt more keenly. Additionally, the New Moon is working in harmony with Jupiter in the last degrees of Pisces, further supporting our imagination and ability to dream into manifestation closely held ideals and beliefs.

Adventure & exploration are in the air with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all is Sagittarius for a couple more weeks with the Sun extending its stay until December 21st. The expansive nature of the strong Jupiter influence, although a welcome relief, can trigger overindulgence and a optimism not grounded in reality. Patience is strongly advised with impulsive Mars having a propensity to be out of control. Mars is outside of the traditional range of declination in its orbit and is also retrograde in Gemini… not a winning combination for avoiding the tendency to say the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time! The good news is that spirits are running high with the Sagittarius influence and humor is a welcome antidote to any faux pas…
On Tuesday, 11/8, the early morning Full Moon Eclipse alters the magnetic pull that the Moon has upon our body and our psyche in both profound and subtle ways.
Several planets are involved in this eclipse configuration, in addition to the typical Sun opposite the Moon that we usually experience on a full moon, generating mixed mental & emotional responses. Out of this somewhat uncomfortable chaos can come life changing insights and revelations.
The Moon in Taurus is dancing directly with Uranus, the Great Awakener. Venus & Mercury are doing a 2 step with the Sun in Scorpio, raising the bar for authenticity in all interactions, including the stories we tell ourselves.
Saturn, known as a wise taskmaster, is pointing out the long term ramifications of actions undertaken now. Saturn in Aquarius is holding a position as a fulcrum between the Sun & Moon on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity helping to reset values and foster transformation for the betterment of all of humanity.
“It was he best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a time of wisdom, it was a time of foolishness…” aptly describes these days.
On Tuesday, 11/8, the early morning Full Moon Eclipse alters the magnetic pull that the Moon has upon our body and our psyche in both profound and subtle ways.
Several planets are involved in this eclipse configuration, in addition to the typical Sun opposite the Moon that we usually experience on a full moon, generating mixed mental & emotional responses. Out of this somewhat uncomfortable chaos can come life changing insights and revelations.
The Moon in Taurus is dancing directly with Uranus, the Great Awakener. Venus & Mercury are doing a 2 step with the Sun in Scorpio, raising the bar for authenticity in all interactions, including the stories we tell ourselves.
Saturn, known as a wise taskmaster, is pointing out the long term ramifications of actions undertaken now. Saturn in Aquarius is holding a position as a fulcrum between the Sun & Moon on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity helping to reset values and foster transformation for the betterment of all of humanity.
“It was he best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a time of wisdom, it was a time of foolishness…” aptly describes these days.

SATURN – Often Feared & Misunderstood…

Saturn is responsible for our strength, perseverance, hard work, long life, motivation and strength of character. Saturn is also responsible in helping us retain all the good luck, deeds and health that we are born with.

A strong Saturn brings the ability to live with dignity & power. It’s like a tree with deep roots, which will shake in the bad weather, but will not fall down.

VENUS RETROGRADE triggers a NEW 19 month VENUS CYCYLE on 7/22/23

Love & the numerous ways we embody, experience & express an open heart have moved to the foreground for the next 40+ days✨
Venus, the planet of love, money, enjoyment and attraction turns retro until 9/3, beginning on Saturday, 7/22. A mere day later, Chiron, the ruler of self reflection and healing, turns retro until 12/26, giving us an opportunity to review areas where our open heart is challenged, especially as it relates to self-love & self-acceptance, an important prerequisite for successful partnerships, self-fulfillment & happiness.
The Venus retro happens once every 18 months, and every 8 years it happens in the same sign, now in the sign of Leo, ruler of creativity and of the heart. Repeating patterns from 8, 16 & 24 years ago can be identified.
This retro period can carry a shift in creative self expression, values relating to children, and the identification of how pride & haughtiness gets in the way of an open, compassionate heart. Each of these shifts in awareness can carry significant ramifications towards your future happiness and relationship success.

When plotted from an Earth-centered per
spective, a noticeable & unusual planetary rhythm occurs in the

motion of Venus. Every eight years, Venus

returns to the same place in our sky on

about the same date
. This 8 year cycle was of
great interest to the ancient people, such

as the Maya

Venus rose as Morning Star, closest to Vega in 104 years, on January 15/16, 2022, and completes her Morning Star Journey in September. This is when she begins her underworld initiation. She rises as Evening Star in December and finishes her Capricorn journey in August, 2023.

LION”S GATE, The Mayan Calendar

According to the Mayan Calendar, July 26th marks the beginning of a new year. We enter into ever more powerful energies of the year as our Sun, Sirius and Orion’s Belt are moving into a powerful alignment with the Earth. This alignment can be a powerful time for our evolution and our ability to manifest. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal culminates on August 8th and from 7/26 thru 8/8, there is an opportunity to avail oneself of the profound and powerful source of spiritual light coming to Earth. 

This cosmic gift can bestow blessings as the star Sirius (our spiritual sun) rises in the night sky & Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. The ancient Egyptians associated Sirius with the goddess Isis.

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2023

The Equinox represents balance with equal days & equal nights. It is a turning point. You can come into harmonic balance by balancing Yin & Yang within yourself: Giving & Receiving; Self & Others; Rest & Activity; Lighten what is too heavy & Calm what has been too frantic!

• Planetary Activation Sequences that affect the Earth’s Grid are focused on 3- month, 6-month, 9-month intervals. At this time, all vortexes on the planet come into a Harmonic Resonance. We have an opportunity to shift into a higher frequency! It is a time for renewal & recalibration.

Out of Bounds Planetary Periods

Planets are Out of Bounds when they travel beyond the yearly orb of the sun which moves between the Tropic of Cancer at summer solstice and the Tropic of Capricorn at winter solstice.  Out of Bound planets can be unstable, especially when Mars is Out of Bounds.  People often withdraw when Mercury and Venus are Out of Bounds. Behavior can become more erratic when a planet is travelling Out of Bounds from where the Sun normally travels and they become “rebel energies”. it is a great time to consider new ways of perceiving reality that are beyond what may have previously imagined. It is a time to allow your imagination to run wild. Imagine any ensuing chaos is creating new perceptions that are liberating and fun! Out of Bound planets in the birthchart can create “genius” or a total renegades. An example is that sometimes  criminals have an Out of Bounds Moon. Hitler’s Moon was close to being OOB. On the other hand, Carl Jung had Mars OOB in his natal chart, coupled with a Progressed Moon than ran into OOB territory periodically.


A quintile (72 degrees) is a little used aspect obtained by dividing the chart by 5.  An exerpt regarding quintiles in the birth chart from…


Quintiles, hopefully, bring us newness and greater connectedness with the divine. They show us the way to a better understanding of the universe and of the beauty of creation. By putting us in touch with the greater archetypes we are empowered to be more than we were and to stand apart from the satus quo and show our uniqueness as human beings. But we can only do this if we have even only a tenuous link with the higher Self. If a person has quintiles in his or her chart, then such a connection, if existent, becomes a channel for the voice of the soul to pour forth into the lives of all around them. Having quintiles in a chart is no guarantee of such a connection, however. True genius is only ever of the soul, but a fuller measure of contact with the soul usually only comes at a cost to the persona, for the persona most often resists anything new, as it is the status quo within our own energy fields.

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