2024: An Integration Year -
Integrate changes from 2020 before the significant Upgrade of Consciousness occuring in 2024

We can finally regroup & coalesce after the super intense & rare planetary energies of the last 3 years! On January 12, 2020, Saturn and transformative Pluto had an historic meeting in Capricorn for the first time since 1518. Then, on March 21, 2020, restrictive Saturn started a three-year visit to Aquarius, the sign representing society & groups, at the same time as the United States imposed its first lock down.

  • Saturn/Pluto –  (2019 & 2020) Contraction & Constriction
  • Saturn/Uranus – (2021 & 2022) Extreme Polarization

2024 favors a shift in the collective, bringing an increase in clarity with new revelations that lean toward a greater focus on integrity & caring for others. Expect a wide range of technological advances. the new planetary energies make an entrance in March when slow moving planets, Saturn & Pluto, change signs. In March, a total of 7 planets change signs! This planetary shifting can result in chaos & the challenge to find our anchor in ourself, staying attuned to our hopes, dreams & inspirations! Key Transits of 2024:

March 8 – Saturn enters Pisces
March 12 Jupiter conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries
March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius
April 20 – Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries
May 5 – Lunar Eclipse at 14° Scorpio
May 16 Jupiter enters Taurus
June 1 Jupiter conjunct North Node at 3°Taurus
July 12 North Node enters Aries, South Node enters Libra
July 23 – Venus turns retrograde at 28° Leo
October 14 Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra
October 28 Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus

Major Planetary Shifts in 2023

Pluto moves into Aquarius for the next 21 years on March 23rd for nearly 3 mos, giving us a glimpse of 2024 & finally 2025 when Pluto permanently enters Aquarius! Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, where power was held over us; there was a top down hierarchical structure. Pluto crosses 0 degrees Aquarius 5x – This is where Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on Winter Solstice 2020 marked the beginning of the Aquarian Age according to some. Pluto in Aquarius favors a rebirth of democracy with a shift that gives power back to the people. Previously, when Pluto transited Aquarius, people rose to overthrow tyrannical governments in America and France. Important documents ensuring rights for the people were signed, including the  Magna Carta in 1226 & the French Rights of Man in 1789. In today’s world, tyranny is less obvious and can be disguised as the extensive rights of corporations and limitations of personal power.  The transformation changes brought about by Pluto will likely feature further protections of civil rights along with a localized, decentralized, community-oriented approach to governing. An upsurge in technology solutions, Artificial Intelligence and digitization are also likely. Expect innovative & progressive trends. The shadow side of technology will also be highlighted.

Saturn moves into Pisces on March 8th until 2025

  • Highlights spiritual integrity, spiritual discipline & spiritual service
  • Assists us in making dreams a reality
  • Connects us into creative processes  where we can tap into open ended,  unbounded realms
  • Fosters a blending of spiritual & scientific
  • Helps us to bring forth compassion & acceptance of others facing challenges
  • Supports the realization that consciousness affects structures. Our body is more than 50% water & 99% of our Universe is plasma!

The shadow side of Saturn in Pisces can foster escapism and further a reliance on drugs, alcohol.  Saturn in Pisces can create issues around water, blood, the immune system.

Release unfulfilled and toxic energies & manifestations from 2023 and set the stage for a magical 2024 to manifest as a year filled with luck, destiny, blessings, wealth, and prosperity.


1st 100 Days of 2024 is theRight Time to Manifest Success this Year


January is a perfect time to set intentions for 2024 for several reasons:

The conclusion of Jupiter retrograde on New Year’s Eve and the last day of Mercury retrograde on January 1st set the stage for forward momentum in 2024!

  • Mercury & the Sun will be well into Capricorn on January 6th, bringing a sober and realistic approach to what you want to manifest in 2024.
  • The Earth is closest to the Sun, at its perihelion, about two weeks after the December solstice, adding  energy, purpose, and illumination from the sunlight to your intentions!
  • The 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year will usher in the Year of the Earth Dragon on February 10.  a Dragon Year in Chinese Astrology signifies intense energies and dynamic changes. Much growth is possible.






  • Several planets in Capricorn, including the
    Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto assist so you can take a sober and realistic approach to what you want to manifest in 2024.
  • The Earth is closest to the Sun, at its perihelion, about two weeks after the December solstice, adding energy, purpose, and illumination from the sunlight to your intentions!
  • Mars in Scorpio was amplified by the energy of the Sun for the last qtr of 2023.


  • Mars is connecting into the Scorpio energies, walking the edges of new possibilities when we are lit up, inspired and passionate about life.


  • If you aren’t feeling inspired and passionate, what would it take for you to have that experience?


  • If you are inspired and passionate, what next steps are you ready to engage that will further that experience?


This is also about the sacred masculine aspect within all of us taking time to feel all the feelings, especially the so-called negative ones, for the purpose of transmuting and transforming all lower vibrational energy and aligning our will with divine will to bring forth whatever our heartfelt passion is.



  • 2024 functions as a gigantic portal to a brand-new epoch, as the three outer planets work in tandem to assist us in creating a new reality. In the second part of the year, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will work together to elevate mass consciousness, anchoring the Age of Aquarius. Technology and spirituality will assist this shift into a completely new paradigm that triumphs individuality and personal growth as more of us unplug from the oppressive mental matrix of capitalism. 

    Still, we must stay aware that for a brand-new epoch to be birthed, the old structures will, simultaneously, continue their process of collapsing, as they have been since 2021. With its thorough touch, master teacher Saturn continues this process as it remains in Pisces, being assisted by Jupiter in the Spring and Fall. The worlds of media and commerce, in particular, are set to change and evolve as Jupiter enters Gemini in May. 

    But before this shift, Jupiter has an epic meeting with Uranus in Taurus, which is bound to enliven the financial and real estate markets in the early Spring. This combination could see some countries introduce universal basic income, a real estate buyer’s market, and huge personal profits for some. 



Jupiter joining Uranus in Taurus, points to breakthroughs and innovation. Pluto settling into Aquarius as well as other series of transits and transformational opportunities will begin.

We will be navigating the eclipses in the spring and fall, which will stir up the signs of Aries, Libra and Pisces in 2024, these include a solar eclipse in Aries, a lunar eclipse in Pisces and both a solar and a lunar eclipse in Libra.

  • The innovative energy of Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  • There will be emotional and protective themes of Mars retrograde in Cancer. Nurturing self and others are highlighted.
  • Where and how Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces might influence your chart
  • The dynamic aspect of Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces (and its implications for a longer 20 year cycle!)


  • A New Moon in Capricorn on January 11rh implies new beginnings in matters of status, social structure, constraints, rules, limits and requirements for achievement, This may feel a little like punishment, however, in reality, the structures & form Capricorn imposes is for our benefit. The sign lets us know the limits, lets us know what we must do to get what we want and how to go about climbing the ladder, making an impact, building a place for ourselves in the wider world. We should welcome knowing the rules of the game–the alternative is a formless world where nothing can be built upon, everything dissolves in a mist, & all is chaos.


  • Capricorn ‘gifts’ us with form, limits, and conditions for achievement, and expects us to follow the rules.


On January 20th, 2024, Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius. Pluto actually re-enters Aquarius, and will stay in the sign until September 1st, 2024 (Pluto will spend some final weeks in Capricorn, before moving into Aquarius for good on December 19th, 2024). 

Pluto first entered Aquarius in March 2023. This is when the world went crazy with AI and Chat GTP. That first Aquarius gave us a good taste of the themes we’re going to be busy with in the next 20 years. 

On January 25th, 2024 we have a Full Moon in Cancer `New Insights and Realizations May Occur

The Full Moon is opposite Pluto and square Jupiter. There is a tremendous drive to “go for it” – go for your goals, your opinions, your beliefs. 


2020/2021 - A New Paradigm is taking root:

2020/2021 - A New Paradigm is taking root:

Mercury – Excellent time to review, re-evaluate, redo… not good for signing contracts. if you were born with Mercury retrograde, you are more right-brain orientated and have more spatial orientation and recognize patterns and are not logical. It will be interesting to observe if during Mercury retrograde you need to be more intuitive rather than logical during the transit.
Mercury Retro – Feb 16th  – 12 Pis 53; to Mar 9th  – 28 Aqu 12
Mercury Retro – Jun 17th  – 14 Can 45; to Jul 12th  – 5 Can 31
Mercury Retro – Oct 13th  – 11 Sco 40; to Nov 3rd  – 25 Lib 55

Venus – Revaluate personal relationships to make corrections.
Venus Retro – May 13th  – 21 Gem 49 to Jun 25th  – 5 Gem 21

Mars – Review before taking action… impulsiveness is not rewarded.
Mars Retro – Sep 9th – 28 Ari 09 to Nov 13th – 15 Aries 14

Jupiter – Prepare for your next leap forward by reviewing what needs to be done.
Jupiter Retro – May 14th – 27 Cap 14 to Sep 12th – 17 Cap 24

Saturn – How can you be more efficient & productive?
Saturn Retro – May 10th – 1 Aqu 57 to Sep 29th – 25 Cap 20

Uranus Retro – Aug 15th – 10 Tau 41 to Jan 14th ’21 – 6 Tau 43

Neptune Retro – Jun 22nd – 20 Pis 57 to Nov 28 – 18 Pis 09

Pluto Retro – Apr 25th – 24 Cap 59 to Oct 4 – 22 Cap 29

2019 ~ A Year for Self-Empowerment & Manifestation:

We are approaching the 2020 planetary energies, as Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto meet up in the sign of Capricorn, triggering transformational changes and subsequent new opportunities for growth & empowerment. 2019 begins with heavy dose of planets in Capricorn plus two powerful eclipses and Jupiter in Sagittarius providing the inspiration to reach for the changes that will benefit us in the first place. There is a no nonsense atmosphere which can lead to exceptional satisfaction & fulfillment when patience, perseverance and an alignment to our true soul calling is applied with conscious awareness. We are in the midst of a major reckoning with ourself, with humanity & with the entire Universe. When you add the South Node conjunction to Saturn & Pluto to the mix in Spring of 2019, you have a dynamic seed shift on this planet. The last time Saturn, Pluto and the South Node fell within 5 degrees of each other in Capricorn was in early May, 188 BC.

2019 SUMMER SOLSTICE Review, Revise & Change!
THE SUN IS SITTING AT THE GATEWAY OF THE GALACTIC CENTER & acts as a doorway to the incoming energies, illuminating and opening to other realms and dimensions.
We are in eclipse season… a turning point?
Slow down & make space for ‘stuff’ to emerge… where are the shadows? Embrace grace… Release gracefully! The Sun, Moon & Earth are aligned during eclipses. They are turning points – what can you let go of & what can you bring in. Change is happening & power structures are shifting. Eclipses are an opportunity to engage with our shadow. The new moon of Cancer on 7/2 will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, mostly visible over most of South America. The keynote is Empowering. A partial FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on 7/16. It is connected to certain power structures & can be positive as long as people don’t get carried away. It is a North Node eclipse which has to do with things coming towards us. What is coming in that maybe at the end of a cycle? How do you let it go gracefully?

Saturn & Pluto are in Capricorn throughout 2019 begging a level of groundedness and seriousness as it relates to personal growth. There is a high bar regarding effort that is aligned to our dreams & visions with Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 2nd. Simultaneously, Pluto is digging deep to assure that we are not giving away our personal power to any kind of authority that does not align to our soul’s imprint… this includes the collective constraints imposed by outworn limited beliefs, hierarchical structures & imbalances resulting from patriarchial dominances. The upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 2020 which is enhanced by a conjunction of Mercury as well as the Sun all in the first few weeks of the year in 2020 – has been call a redistribution of power.

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be in effect for much of 2019.
There are three exact conjunctions during 2019: January 13th, June 16th & September 21st. Both Jupiter in Sag & Neptune in Pisces are in signs they naturally rule, so there is a level of comfort with these placements even though they are in difficult aspect. This combination adds a basic humanity and compassion as well as an expanded search for truth that can include higher realms of consciousness and can serve as a balance to the harshness of Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn.

The three Mercury retrogrades of 2019 occur predominantly in the water signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. In fact, Mercury spends more time in the three water signs than almost all the other signs combined. Since Mercury Retrograde periods favor review and re-evaluation, we can anticipate that feelings will be highlighted and emotions can run high during these periods in 2019. These periods lend themselves to taking a new look at old stuck emotions!

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2019

  • March 5th ~ 28th in Pisces
  • July 7th ~ 31st in Leo/Cancer
  • October 31st ~ November 20th in Scorpio

Mercury enters Cancer on June 4th… Mercury enters sensitive, emotional Cancer for the next 22 days… a shift from thepast 15 days when Mercury skipped through buoyant, flexible Gemini. The journey through Cancer is significant because Mercury will Retrograde from Leo back into Cancer on July 19th, turn direct on July 31st and finally leave the sign of Cancer on August 11th. The Retrograde Period should be gentler, self nurturing and more internal compared to the endless Retrograde in Pisces back in Feb, March & part of April. Mercury does make a couple of conjunctions with fiery Mars on June 16th & July 8th. Think before you speak & watch for reactivity & defensiveness on these days and the days leading up to it….

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius – April 10th – August 12th 2019
Jupiter stands for expansion & growth as well as our beliefs. During Jupiter Retrograde we can check if our expansion, growth, ideals are representing us. Are we missing anything? How about adjustments… especially those related to efficiency & practicality since there is a strong Capricorn influence running simultaneously with expansive Jupiter in Sag.
From whence the Sun & Jupiter last met on November 26th 2018, Jupiter has been a morning star… rising just prior to dawn. During the apparent retrograde period, the Earth has a chance to catch up to Jupiter. After the Sun opposes Jupiter, about June 10th, then Jupiter will shine in the evening until the winter when this heavenly body meets up with the Sun again in the sign of Capricorn on December 27th… which will mark the completion of the 13 month Jupiter cycle and potentially the time to achieve your greatest results!
This particular retrograde is also significant for a couple of additional reasons – Jupiter stands still as it changes direction at a potent area in the sky… at the tip of the Scorpion’s tail and stinger. This area of the sky is connected to the Scorpian stinger and the release of its poison. It ups the stakes for creating our own medicine for handling this level of intensity. Also, the Jupiter retrograde point sits close to the Galactic Center… only 3 degrees away from where the black hole at the center of the Milky Way resides. One can only imagine what that means in this particular time in history!

Uranus in Taurus – Uranus enters Taurus for where it will reside for 7 years on March 6 2019 – the same day as the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune & Vesta and one day after Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. Do you think there is some confusion as to how the ‘planet of the unexpected’ will play out in Taurus given the Neptunian influence of confusion surrounding Uranus’ entry into Taurus? We can only imagine & here are some possibilities:
-Shifting focus from the pioneering, somewhat pugnacious & self oriented innovation from the past 7 years of Uranus in Aries to a focus onto sustainability. What is enough?
-Getting back to practical, basic & authentic values that enhance our quality of life, such as good food, kindness & fulfilling family life.
-The “Death of Complexity” – as quoted from Mark Borax. I love this definition!
-And to quote Sherrod Brown, Uranus transit through Taurus can bring back “The Dignity of Work”.
-Inventing new ways to earn money & sustainability.
-Uranus – Freedom from the known!

Chiron enters Aries after its final sojourn in Pisces on February 18, 2019
The dwarf planet Chiron associated with deep healing will move through Aries until 2027 bringing courage to the healing process as we probe the depths of our subconscious for personal & ancestral healing. Chiron in Aries will help us to cut ties with destructive tendencies that no longer serve us & move forward with a new found enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’ for being closer to one’s true Self. Mars ruled Aries is a sign known for bravery & courage. Combine the Aries energy with Chiron and you have a compelling drive to push beyond your existing boundaries to find your True Self, Your Soul’s Imprint. Chiron is also known as a key… When Chiron makes an aspect to another planet, it ‘unlocks’ its secrets, it reveals something that was hidden, overlooked and misunderstood.
What needs healing ~ How can I turn my deepest wound into my greatest gift & talent? Chiron is a theme in the chart of the Spring Equinox and this is a question we can ask throughout the upcoming astrological New Year. The Spring Equinox also takes place a few hours before a Super Full Moon at 0 Degrees Libra which adds a theme for healing relationships based up healing the self first. This leads us to ask the following question: Can I meet others from a foundation of wholeness ~ Or, am I into the Blame Game?

Pluto conjunct the South Node (Ketu) in Capricorn on April 3rd – How does this affect me?
This transit that can bring out power struggles, control patterns, abuse, violence and all sort of shadow patterns that are lurking from our deep subconscious. On a positive note, this transit can also reveal past secrets & help us to understand truth about our true inner nature so that we can adapt accordingly.
There can also be a collective collaboration that can reveal higher knowledge… hidden truths that can reshape society for the better. The Pluto/South Node connection continues throughout April & intensifies when squared by the Sun in Aries on 4/12. What is showing up & how can I honestly look at it. Pluto is basically stationary throughout the remainder of April bringing more truth to the surface!

Saturn conjuncts the South Node (Ketu) in Capricorn on April 30th – What does this mean?
Saturn teaches life lessons… sometimes it teaches us the hard way & has been known to be a confrontational task master. Sometimes we fail under a Saturn transit, yet these failed lessons can be our most valuable life lessons if we can pick ourself up and move forward. On the other hand, Saturn can reward upstanding diligence and patience. Saturn is truly the double edge sword & you are the sword master.
So, what happens when Saturn & the South Node meet up in Saturn ruled Capricorn? In Vedic astrology, the South Node is known as Ketu. Ketu can push you to break away from norms to find answers, depending on their location in your birth chart. Self awakening is key. Ketu can disrupt & dissipate energy & can sometimes lead one to make decisions that go against common wisdom. Saturn & Ketu (South Node) require walking a fine line & not give into irresponsible impulses of wild abandon. Changes made honoring full integrity & necessary patience will likely succeed during this transit. Saturn makes three exact conjunctions to the South Node on April 30th, July 4th and September 27th.

Pluto Retrogrades on April 24th in Capricorn until October 3rd. Are there more secrets to be revealed? Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 transforming big business, government and the economy. Pluto likes to tear down before it rebuilds so be prepared for tweaks to whatever we thought had changed whether in the public arena or in our personal live. There may be more tweaking required than we originally thought. Another aspect of Pluto Retrograde is going inward to identify where we feel powerless. How much control do you have? Or, how much control do you lack? Are you in control of your destiny?
Pluto will retrograde at 23Cap09 and turns direct at 20Cap37. Is it time to surrender to what did not work to clear the slate for the new?

Saturn Retrogrades on April 29th in Capricorn until September 18th. Saturn retrogrades at 20Cap31… within a fraction of a degree where Pluto will turn direct on October 3rd and where Saturn conjuncts the South Node of the Moon the next day… further highlighting this point in each person’s birth chart. The house where this potent degree occurs is likely to experience a reality check. This retrograde cycle is a time for revisiting what went wrong in a past situation or relationship, setting some long-term goals, or simply restructuring certain processes and procedures. Are there responsibilities that you have ignored?

2018 Winter Solstice:
The Winter Solstice is a time of REVIEW… What works.. where do I deserve a pat on the back? What is left to do? No judgment of course!… just make a workable plan! Rudolf Steiner said that Winter Solstice is the only time when the most direct rays of higher consciousness stream straight from the higher worlds down into the earth…
Are the stories I’m telling myself supporting me in creating what I truly want?
IMPORTANT DATES THIS WINTER: (12/21/18 ~ 3/20/19)

  • DECEMBER 22ND – FULL MOON IN CANCER – Strengthens the effect of the Winter Solstice… Review of what is working?
  • JANUARY 21st – FULL MOON ECLIPSE IN LEO – How much fun are you having? All work & no play…!.
  • MARCH 5th – MARCH 28th – MERCURY RETROGRADE – Review!

2018 Fall Equinox: The Equinox marks a change in Direction.
We can ask ourselves: “Have we built a strong foundation or are we trying to cut corners?” & “I’ve come this far… What else I can do going forward? Time to get it together!”.
-Opportunities for deep healing are available – especially related to restoring wounds of injustice & creating internal balance & harmony. The Equinox is a time of equal day & equal night.
-Creatively synthesize to find common ground: There is a strong build up of power & energy looking for somewhere to go that really works.

Retrograde Planets this Fall:
Mercury: 11/16 – 12/6 – Logic doesn’t serve you well. Excellent for review & re-evaluation. Try again if something didn’t work out earlier.
Venus: 10/6 – 11/16 – Reassess what & who we value and how we relate to others. New financial undertakings are not advised during this period.
Neptune: 6/18-11/24 – Compassionate, inspirational, hypnotic. Neptune walks us through a veil of confusion before revealing a higher reality.
Pluto: (4/22-9/30) Did we really make the changes we thought we had made…time to tighten up the loose ends.

Fall Planetary Movement:
Mercury: 0 Libra – 8 Sag
Venus: 7 – 13 Scorpio
Mars: 2Aq – 22 Pisces
Jupiter: 13 Scorpio – 9 Sag
Saturn: 2 – 10 Cap
Uranus: 1 Taurus – 28 Aries
Neptune: 14 – 13 Pisces
Pluto: 18 – 20 Capricorn
Eris: 23 Aries
Chiron: 0 Aries – 28 Pisces
North Node: 4 Leo – 26 Cancer

What about the 2018 Summer Eclipses?
Eclipses are significant especially if the Solar or Lunar Eclipse occurs at a point in the zodiac that touches a planetary point in our personal horoscope. The eclipse can provide an opportunity to shift into a higher level of self-awareness regarding the energy of that particular planetary point. There can be a reset or a synchronization with the current evolutionary changes in consciousness. The effects of the eclipse can last up to 6 mos, especially if the eclipse point is directly on or opposed to the Sun, Moon, Ascendent or other personal point within a couple of degrees.
Solar eclipses can affect our self-awareness and our self-expression and can thereby influence us to make changes in our life which can include ending as well as subsequent new beginnings based upon our new revelations. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 12/13 is directly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This eclipse shines a spotlight on personal empowerment, begging us to take the necessary steps to complete or initiate transformation & changes that will enhance our self-esteem.
Lunar eclipses can influence our emotional ties to others and to our emotional bonds to experiences that may not meet our expectations of what we deserve. This summer’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is opposing retrograde Mars in Aquarius. This total eclipse is significant because it is the longest lasting eclipse of this century, entirely visible for 103 minutes in Eastern Africa, the mid East, Pakistan and parts of India. Especially if the eclipse is touching personal points in our chart, we are asked to elevate our expression of past patterns related to anger, force and power that is not in alignment with an open heart. Events or patterns from the past may resurface so that we can do the inner work to transform these tendencies.
            New Moon Solar Eclipses: July 12th – 20 Cancer & August 11th – 18 Leo
            Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: July 27th – 4 Aquarius
2018 Summer Solstice Themes
-Jupiter in Scorpio & the aspects it makes over the summer to Neptune & Pluto is blessing us with potential for tolerance, compassion and spiritual harmony.
-Contemplation, retreat & determining what is truly important to you are themes with the 7 Retrograde Planets, Mars in Aquarius with the Moon’s South Node & Eris aspects- a Feminine Warrior archetype. If you have to create discord & disruption to get free, Do It, but not in reaction. Do it slowly, carefully & with compassion.

There are 7 Retrograde Planets over the Summer!!

  • Retrograde Planets are often felt more keenly…
  • Between now and the Fall Equinox, 6 out of the 8 planets are basically stationary.
  • Mercury: (7/26–8/19) – Logic doesn’t serve you well. Excellent for review & re-evaluation. Try again if something didn’t work out earlier. Mars(6/26-8/27) – Reassess how and where to direct energies & desires. Impulsive acts may not work out so well!
  • Uranus: (8/7-1/6/19) – Make modifications to the “wake up calls” of the last 3 years.
  • Neptune: 6/18-11/24 – Compassionate, inspirational, hypnotic. Neptune walks us through a veil of confusion before revealing a higher reality.
  • Jupiter: (3/8-7/10) – A deepening of transformation. Identify what needs a make over.
  • Saturn: (4/17-9/6) – An opportunity to verify if we are truly grounded in our vision. Saturn demands that we face our fears, grow & mature.
  • Pluto: (4/22-9/30) Did we really make the changes we thought we had made…time to tighten up the loose ends.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Nov 8 2018: Jupiter enters Sagittarius – Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for the next 13 months through December 2, 2019 bringing much needed optimism & a fresh perspective. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and it is in this sign that Jupiter is most at home. Jupiter & the sign Sagittarius inspire us to trust in something higher than ourselves… they raise the bar & ask us to look at the broad picture. In the sign of Sagittarius, we can finally trust that what was previously a problem, now has a path where it can get worked out. Jupiter in Sagittarius calls for globalist thinking – a contrast to the Jupiter in Scorpio way of thinking which was more tribal & at times, protective & suspicious.
Also, Jupiter in Sagittarius is not know for being moderate… overdoing in all forms can become an issue now… Take head!

Saturn in Capricorn
DEC 19 2017: Saturn enters Capricorn – Saturn will be in Capriocorn for the next 3 Years through 12/17/20. Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn aligned with the powerful winter solstice & the energies of the Galactic Center. We can expect the collective focus to be on redefining morality, integrity & honor. Saturn rules discipline and there will be no excuse for not going the extra mile or for not doing what is required in any situation. Structures have been drastically shifting with the influence of the Uranus/Pluto square and we can expect further tweeking as Saturn in Capricorn aligns with Pluto in January 2020. Some of the recent Pluto in Capricorn transformations may actually slow down in order to verify their viability. The School of Shamanistic Astrology describes Capricorn as the archetype most associated with attuning to the wisdom of the Circle of Grandmothers, Elders and Wise Ones. Capricorn is related to the structure of our reality based upon what we believe and that changes when we change our thinking and what we focus our attention on.

2018 Retrograde Periods (ET)
Mercury: Can be confusing since logic doesn’t serve us as well during these periods. Excellent for review & re-evaluation. Go back and try again if something didn’t work out previously. Not optimal for signing contracts or making firm committments because you could change your mind once Mercury moves direct. All of the Mercury Retrograde periods will fall in Fire signs in 2018. Stay entusiastic so you can do the work!!
3/22 – 4/15
7/26 – 8/18
11/16 – 12/6
Venus: Reassess what & who we value and how we relate to others. New financial undertakings are not advised during this period.
10/5 – 11/16
Mars: Reassess how and where we direct our energies and desires. Impulsive acts may not work out so well during this period.
6/26 – 8/27
Jupiter: Expansion may slow down..only to deepen and structure existing projects and activities. Jupiter retrograde takes place in the sign of Scorpio so we can truly transform what needs to change in our lfe.
3/8 – 7/10
Saturn: Saturn Retrogrades in the sign of Capricorn and provides an opportunity to verify if we are truly grounded in our vision. If not, we may be gently, or not so gently, nudged into alignment with honor, dignity and the truth of our path on this Earth.
4/17 – 9/6
Uranus: Can we role with the wake ups that we have experienced over the past 3 years or do we need to make modifications…
8/7 – 1/6/2019
Neptune: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces gives us time to notice how we are inspired and what inspires us…
6/18 – 11/24
Pluto: Did we really make the changes we thought we had made…time to tigten up the loose ends.
4/22 – 9/30

2018 Astrology & Human Design energies & opportunities
2018 Overview:

  • 2018 has a Cooler Planetary Signature – less volatile & fiery. Slow moving planets are/will be in Earth & Water signs
  • 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog (as of Feb 16). Rooster (2017) gains vision on top of the hen house & the Dog implements it
  • 2018 supports Manifestation… but, only if we are disciplined, ordered and structured
  • 2018 is a Juicy, Creative time… but, not necessarily nurturing
  • 2018 focus is on collectively Redefining Morality, Integrity & Honor
  • 2018 keywords – I don’t have time for that! & “The end of everything that didn’t work right in the first place”

Several planetary changes happened at the end of 2017. One change includes Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio in October thru November 2018 taking us through deep transformations. Now in Gate 1 of Creativity in Human Design – allowing us to get to the bottom of whatever is preventing the flow of our creativity and life force. We can expect opportunities to co-create new forms and new responses to whatever life offers us. We have a chance to align to a new flow… since for much of the time in 2018, Jupiter will trine Neptune bringing forth spirit essence. This energetic is particularly strong during the first 2 weeks of January and then again from May 4th thru September 12th. Jupiter will transit Gate 43 of Breakthrough and Insight to facilitate new perceptions to help us transform old ways and habits from mid Jan thru May 4th and again from September 12th thru October 13th when Jupiter moves into Gate 14 of Prosperity and Harvesting thru mid November, just after Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagitarius and enters Gate 34 of Great Strength and Power. By the way, the Human Design gates correlate with the IChing Hexagrams so for more information, you may refer to the specific Hexagrams mentioned.

Saturn entered it’s home sign of Capricorn. We are looking at a major structuring of our systems and the redefining of our foundations. Again, we can see what is working on the material plan and, more importantly, what is supporting our quest for a higher level of consciousness. What structures allow our growth to unfold? It is not only our personal processes, structures and daily routines that are being questioned, but also global processes, systems and structures that cannot stand up to the growing global consciousness that will have to restructure and change. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 when we began seeing intense global changes that included a rebuilding of the financial markets as well as mass destruction via radical groups and earth related events. Now, Saturn in Capricorn for the next 3 years will validate the transformative structural changes made by Pluto. What processes need tweeking and how can the recent transformational changes be stabilized are key questions for 2018.

Taking into account the transiting gates in the Human Design system, Saturn is transiting Gate 10, the Gate of finding one’s place & pace, up through the 23rd of Jan and again from July 26th thru October 17th. Saturn in this position empowers an attitude of self love & triumph amidst all the challenges of life and twists of Fate. How well do you stand up for your truth when life throws you a challenge? Integrity, honesty and responsibility come into play especially during these periods when Saturn is transiting Gate 10 in the Human Design chart. Saturn will move into Gate 58, the gate of Joy, from Jan 23rd thru July 26th and again after Oct 17th thru Dec 16th when it moves into Gate 38 of Opposition, also known as the Fighter… hence the theme, What are you willing to fight for…

Uranus, the Awakner, continues it’s journey in Aries forging ahead in new & pioneering ways, all the while valuing freedom and individuality. We experienced Uranus/Pluto tensions at several points throughout 2016 & 2017 where the old structures needed to go and where we wanted something new and different. Now the question is does the “new & different” really work? Saturn will tell us the answers to that in 2019 & especially in 2020, but for now, the challenge is to further test our theories as Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th. Are we comfortable and to what extent have we sacrificed our intrinsic values? Uranus is in Gate 42 or Increase thru March 10… supporting growth & increase in ventures and experiences… when it will move into Gate 3 of Beginnings, Implementing the New for most of the remainder of the year. From July thru mid September, Uranus is in Gate 27 called Nourishing or Nurturing, supporting sustainability.

Neptune is in Gate 63 of Doubts or Critical Perception for all of 2018. We are being challenged in at least one of our belief systems. We have a chance to determine what is actually true for us. How do our current beliefs align to our vision? Immense spiritual development is possible this year. What is our spirit calling you to do this year? How can your growth unfold at an enlightened level… Neptune will be in harmonious aspects to Jupiter for much of the year so the opportunities are there to expand spiritual awareness. Saturn comes into range in the fall and provides a real opportunity to ground this new level of beingness.

Chiron straddles between Pisces & Aries in Gate 25, the gate of Innocence – requiring us to disconnect from anything not innocent or pure.
The North Node is in Leo most of the year thru November reminding us to align to our heart’s desire. If you are not really into the change, the change won’t happen!
In summary, “a new day is on the horizon” with all the passion & heart we can muster to bring it forward & manifest it.

Out of Bounds Planetary Periods (ET)
Planets are Out of Bounds when they travel beyond the yearly orb of the sun which moves between the Tropic of Cancer at summer solstice and the Tropic of Capricorn at winter solstice. Out of Bound planets can be unstable, especially when Mars is Out of Bounds. People often withdraw when Mercury and Venus are Out of Bounds. Behavior can become more erratic when a planet is travelling Out of Bounds from where the Sun normally travels and they become “rebel energies”. it is a great time to consider new ways of perceiving reality that are beyond what may have previously imagined. It is a time to allow your imagination to run wild. Imagine any ensuing chaos is creating new perceptions that are liberating and fun! Out of Bound planets in the birthchart can create “genius” or a total renegades. An example is that sometimes criminals have an Out of Bounds Moon. Hitler’s Moon was close to being OOB. On the other hand, Carl Jung had Mars OOB in his natal chart, coupled with a Progressed Moon than ran into OOB territory periodically.
Dec 21, 2017 – January 3, 2018
May 05, 2018 – June 07, 2018
Nov 13, 2019 – Dec 14, 2019
Apr 01, 2020 – Jun 01, 2020
March 17, 2018 – April 07, 2018
July 07, 2018 – September 24, 2018
April 20, 2019 – June 12, 2019
Feb 09, 2020 – Mar 02, 2020
Jan 17, 2018 – January 20, 2018
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