My goal is to provide you with increased self awareness and a time table for skillful and timely actions to assist you in realizing your dreams and your hopes and wishes.  A consultation can provide insight into complex patterns and suggest tools that can assist you in navigating through difficult times.

Consultations will include an in depth analysis of the natal & progressed astrology charts, your Human Design Chart as well as your Destiny Cards. These systems are based upon the correct date, time & place of birth. Each of the systems provide a view of your Soul’s imprint.  The Astrology birth chart coupled with current transits & the Destiny Card yearly & weekly cycles provide clarity related to timing.

A view into your Progressed chart will confirm specific patterns. Progressions are the DNA of your birthchart – predicting the timing of developmental themes including opportunities & challenges. They mark the time and evolution of our natal planetary placements as we age and grow throughout our life.  Cycles & periods defined by your Destiny Cards, can provide additional information regarding timing & likely circumstances that may be encountered. Solar Return charts & Lunar Return charts also add clarity regarding timing, opportunities & challenges.

Compatibility readings can lend insight into ease as well as obstacles likely in relationships between lovers, friends, business relations, children and parents. All tools are used to provide a comprehensive understanding. These tools include Astrology charts (natal, progressed, compatibility, vedic compatibility), Destiny Cards and the Human Design charts.

To schedule an astrology consultation, please call 917-548-9911 or email me at

Astrology readings are recorded and a link to the recording will be emailed to you following the session. Sessions are either in person, by phone or via Zoom.

Rates are as follows:

New client readings (1 hr and 15 minutes):   $200

Return clients:

1 hr reading:  $150

45 min reading:  $125

30 min reading: $85

Single question: $55 (up to 15 min)

I accept PayPal, Venmo and Check. Payment must be received prior to your appointment.  Credit cards are also accepted at the time of the reading.

New Clients:  One hour and 15 minute Consultation – $200



Return Clients:

One hour Consultation –  $150


45 minute Consultation – $125



Half hour Consultation – $85



Fifteen minute Consultation – $55



Couple Compatibility Readings

A comprehensive view of relationship compatibility, (for couples, friends, parent – child, business partnerships/co-workers) using several Astrology charts, Destiny Cards & Human Design.

Pet horoscopes

Receive a full page report that includes basic tendencies, vulnerabilities, physical weaknesses, upcoming stressful periods, insight into pet’s temperment and emotions.


Pet compatibility

Receive a full page compatibility report between you, a family member, or another pet and your pet. The fee for each compatibility report is $35.00

(A preliminary pet horoscope is required in order to take advantage of this offer.). .


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