What is an Imprint?

Information makes you smarter…

Self Awareness is Self-Empowering…

Knowing Who You Are makes for Sustainability in these Chaotic times!!

Fate is the hand of cards you were dealt, the role your soul chooses to play on this planet.  Through behavioral modification you can outsmart your karma.  Once you know your predispositions, your blueprint, you can make better choices. Knowing yourself, your imprint, your blueprint helps you be at peace with your role in life. Playing an unsuitable role to your true nature is like an actor/actress in a play or a movie that doesn’t have the charisma for the character they are playing… the character falls flat & the actor/actress gets bad reviews and feels depressed afterwards. When not aligned to your imprint, your story can change from a loving, joyful comedy that you were born to experience into a depressing, out of synch, dull existence. 

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Quantum Healing

Deepack Chopra Discusses Quantum Healing…
Interview with © Deepak Chopra MD as Interviewed By© Daniel Redwood DC

DR: Can you explain what you mean by “quantum healing?

DEEPAK CHOPRA: Quantum healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body.

Deepak Chopra embraced a medical system based upon the premise that “health is a lively state of balance and integration of body, mind and spirit”.

Quantum Healing and Unlocking the Keys to your Destiny.

Genes are a blueprint that we are born with, however, we can influence that blueprint to attain health and happiness.
Epigenetics are the signals outside of the gene. Epigenetics can produce 30,000 variations on the gene.

Elizabeth Spring, a fellow astrologer, recently interviewed me regarding Discovering Your Imprint:

What are your life imprints?

What blueprints are unique to you?

Fingerprints, DNA and Genetics, Iris and Facial Features, Dental Records are all commonly used to identify you…

There is more… There are several imprints that have been valued for thousands of years.  One of these imprints is the astrological birth chart.  At the moment of our birth, a picture is generated indicating the the placement of the planets in our solar system.  This placement is unique for the exact time, location and date on planet earth.

Other identifiers of the human soul have been valued since ancient times.  These include the lines of your palm, the bumps and shape of your head, the study of the unique playing card that rules your date of birth, the numerology of your DOB and the numerology of your name.

Why understand life’s imprints?

A medical doctor will run several diagnostic procedures before recommending a treatment plan for the patient. The detailed analysis provides information that can pinpoint the body’s weaknesses and challenges so effective remedial action can be prescribed as treatment. 

Genetic testing provides insight into preventative actions that avoid potential challenges to the body. 

Modern Genetic Research

DNA profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals by their respective DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person’s DNA makeup, which can also be used as the person’s identifier. Wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA_Profiling

Like the fingerprints that came into use by detectives and police labs during the 1930s, each person has a unique DNA fingerprint. Unlike a conventional fingerprint that occurs only on the fingertips and can be altered by surgery, a DNA fingerprint is the same for every cell, tissue, and organ of a person. It cannot be altered by any known treatment. Consequently, DNA fingerprinting is rapidly becoming the primary method for identifying and distinguishing among individual human beings.

An additional application of DNA fingerprint technology is the diagnosis of inherited disorders in adults, children, and unborn babies. The technology is so powerful that, for example, even the blood-stained clothing of Abraham Lincoln could be analyzed for evidence of a genetic disorder called Marfan’s Syndrome.

Uses of DNA Fingerprints
DNA fingerprints are useful in several applications of human health care research, as well as in the justice system.

Diagnosis of Inherited Disorders
DNA fingerprinting is used to diagnose inherited disorders in both prenatal and newborn babies in hospitals around the world. These disorders may include cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, Huntington’s disease, familial Alzheimer’s, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and many others.
Early detection of such disorders enables the medical staff to prepare themselves and the parents for proper treatment of the child. In some programs, genetic counselors use DNA fingerprint information to help prospective parents understand the risk of having an affected child. In other programs, prospective parents use DNA fingerprint information in their decisions concerning affected pregnancies.
Developing Cures for Inherited Disorders
Research programs to locate inherited disorders on the chromosomes depend on the information contained in DNA fingerprints. By studying the DNA fingerprints of relatives who have a history of some particular disorder, or by comparing large groups of people with and without the disorder, it is possible to identify DNA patterns associated with the disease in question. This work is a necessary first step in designing an eventual genetic cure for these disorders.

Biological Evidence
FBI and police labs around the U.S. have begun to use DNA fingerprints to link suspects to biological evidence – blood or semen stains, hair, or items of clothing – found at the scene of a crime. Since 1987, hundreds of cases have been decided with the assistance of DNA fingerprint evidence.
Another important use of DNA fingerprints in the court system is to establish paternity in custody and child support litigation. In these applications, DNA fingerprints bring an unprecedented, nearly perfect accuracy to the determination.

Personal Identification
Because every organ or tissue of an individual contains the same DNA fingerprint, the U.S. armed services have just begun a program to collect DNA fingerprints from all personnel for use later, in case they are needed to identify casualties or persons missing in action. The DNA method will be far superior to the dogtags, dental records, and blood typing strategies currently in use.

Written by David F. Betsch, Ph.D., Biotechnology Training Programs, Inc. Edited by Glenda D. Webber, Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology. June 1994

Is Your DNA Static or Dynamic?

In the Jan 6, 2010 issue of Time Magazine, an article called Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny
By John Cloud, The new field of epigenetics is showing how your environment and your choices can influence your genetic code — and that of your kids

“….What’s more, any such effects of nurture (environment) on a species’ nature (genes) were not supposed to happen so quickly. Charles Darwin, whose On the Origin of Species celebrated its 150th anniversary in November, taught us that evolutionary changes take place over many generations and through millions of years of natural selection. But Bygren and other scientists have now amassed historical evidence suggesting that powerful environmental conditions (near death from starvation, for instance) can somehow leave an imprint on the genetic material in eggs and sperm. These genetic imprints can short-circuit evolution and pass along new traits in a single generation.

The answer lies beyond both nature and nurture. Bygren’s data — along with those of many other scientists working separately over the past 20 years — have given birth to a new science called epigenetics. At its most basic, epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity that do not involve alterations to the genetic code but still get passed down to at least one successive generation. These patterns of gene expression are governed by the cellular material — the epigenome — that sits on top of the genome, just outside it (hence the prefix epi-, which means above). It is these epigenetic “marks” that tell your genes to switch on or off, to speak loudly or whisper. It is through epigenetic marks that environmental factors like diet, stress and prenatal nutrition can make an imprint on genes that is passed from one generation to the next.

Epigenetics brings both good news and bad. Bad news first: there’s evidence that lifestyle choices like smoking and eating too much can change the epigenetic marks atop your DNA in ways that cause the genes for obesity to express themselves too strongly and the genes for longevity to express themselves too weakly.

The good news: scientists are learning to manipulate epigenetic marks in the lab, which means they are developing drugs that treat illness simply by silencing bad genes and jump-starting good ones.

…All this explains why the scientific community is so nervously excited about epigenetics. In his forthcoming book The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Genetics, Talent and IQ Is Wrong, science writer David Shenk says epigenetics is helping usher in a “new paradigm” that “reveals how bankrupt the phrase ‘nature versus nurture’ really is.” He calls epigenetics “perhaps the most important discovery in the science of heredity since the gene.”

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/

Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

How is your DNA being used?

…The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.

…In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.”

…According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages.

To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA…

…This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Garjajev’s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome.

…Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct.

And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA.

All information is taken from the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN

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